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    What makes a GREAT boat captain?

    I like that,...and that is the approach I'd most likely use. Safety would be the utmost concern for me as a captain. I know that when I had my little 14 ft. utility-v aluminum fishing boat,...if it was TOO windy,....I DID NOT go out. If storms were predicted,...same deal! When you're on/in my...
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    Retrieving the boat, back onto the trailer, can be a real pain!

    I'm STRONGLY leaning towards renting pier space over trailering seeing that I'm single,and a "one man band".
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    Did Quality change?

    I can't wait for number 1,..and that is taking a bit more time than I am wanting it to,...and the MAIN reason is budget is not allowing for one right now! It may have to wait another year,...but I still want one. 18 footer is going to be what I'll go with!
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    Did Quality change?

    Went to the Fort Wayne Boat Show Saturday. Of course,I was looking at Bennington. I didn't notice any change in quality between 2019 and 2020 models!
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    Still on the fence

    Those are things to think about and consider when it comes closer to purchase time. Insurance and manintenance,too,...but I'm not at that point yet.
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    Still on the fence

    I'm starting to think 'rent a slip" would be most cost effective way to go then!
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    18 ft. still my best choice for a newbie!

    I have decided that an 18 ft. pontoon is going to be my best choice since I going to be new at operating a pontoon,...16 ft. too small,and 20 ft. too big. 18 ft. will be a more manageable size to start out on,and need only a 40 to 50 HP outboard. Health,good Lord,and budget allowing,....if not...
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    Still on the fence

    You may be wondering why this title,..."Still on the fence". While I STILL like/prefer the idea of renting a slip on one particular lake vs. having to buy a trailer,and tow the pontoon,....the other side of me says I'd like to travel to other lakes as well,and not just be on one particular...
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    Maintaining Bimini Tops and Playpen/Mooring cover

    Good info,and will be useful whenever I'm ready to buy my Benny!
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    Some other research worth considering,....tralier the pontoon,or rent a slip at the dealer!

    So many good answers and options to consider, right or wrong answer in any of the comments!
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    Why does lakefront property have to be so damned expensive?

    $800,000.00? Holy Cow! WAAAAYYYYY out of my price range! I've read a LOT of mixed reviews about Culver Marina,though,...some good,...some NOT so good! That aside,....I'd probably go for lakes like Beaver Dam,or Silver Lake in the southwest portion of Kosciusko County. Cottages MIGHT be cheaper...
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    Why does lakefront property have to be so damned expensive?

    Is that the lake that is in,or near,Culver,IN? I've never been on that lake,but have been by it! I have not been over that way in what seems like forever. Tear downs start at over a million? Geeez! There's a boat dealer over there,but I forget the name of it!
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    Why does lakefront property have to be so damned expensive?

    The one area of Indiana I enjoy most is the northern Indiana lake region with lakes like Wawasee,Webster,Barbee Chain,etc. I'd LOVE to sell my current home and move up to that part of the state,but why does lakefront property have to be so damned expensive? For example,I was looking at prices of...
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    I want to apologize

    Guys,I want to apologize if I have come on here,and got a little TOO personal with a recent thread,and sounded a little rebellious. One thing you just need to know about me is that I am the "fiercely independent" type. When I have my heart and mind set on wanting to do something special, it...