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You may be wondering why this title,..."Still on the fence". While I STILL like/prefer the idea of renting a slip on one particular lake vs. having to buy a trailer,and tow the pontoon,....the other side of me says I'd like to travel to other lakes as well,and not just be on one particular lake. I think of three nearby lakes right now,....J.E Roush Lake in Huntington,IN.,....Salamonie Lake just south of Andrews,IN.,...and Misssissinewa Lake south of Peru,IN. I WOULD like the idea of having the pontoon at home so I can keep an eye on things,and not have to be worried about theft. Then there's having to trade the Escape in for a truck suitable to tow the pontoon if I choose to tow. But there's the idea of having the pontoon already in the water at a slip,and just drive to the lake,board the boat,and go. Just so many options. With me being single,....never married,....launching a pontoon by myself might be a challenge operating as a "one man band". In a previous thread,...someone mentioned that you would use the pontoon more often if it's already on the water,and renting a slip,.....the VERY WELL could be true in my case. It's just trying to decide which would be the most cost effective way to go. Lake Wawasee in Syracuse is only about an hour and twenty minute drive from Bluffton,...depending on traffic! Barbee Lake chain in North Webster is about an hour drive. SO MANY choices to make here!
Rent the slip and buy the trailer, problem solved. Actually I always thought about trailering to other lakes but we have a dock and it makes it SO much easier to walk out of the house and get in the boat that I have never trailered to another lake. But it dies sound like fun to travel
I have both a "slip" and a trailer. Most of the time it stays on the same lake but nice to have the option to go to another lake. The trailer is also nice to have for off-season storage, perform maintenance, etc. They are not the easiest to tow and install on trailer, especially if you don't have much practice. Having to purchase a tow vehicle and a trailer is a significant investment. If you are looking at the most cost effective way to go, then I would think a slip without having to purchase a new vehicle and trailer is the cheaper option plus less gas. If variety ranks higher than cost, and you don't mind the additional factors of towing, storage, and trailering, then I would make that investment.
Depends on what they charge for the slip and you’ll have to store it somewhere in the winter too. You can pick up a trailer for 3-4 grand and that will last many years.
Those are things to think about and consider when it comes closer to purchase time. Insurance and manintenance,too,...but I'm not at that point yet.
I have ours in the lake. I love being able to get in the water 10 minutes after I arrive at the house.

I also love being able to leave on relatively short (1 hour) notice. We put the cover on, lift the boat and roll out.