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    Liquid Wax Applied Over Sharkhide Toons?

    I received a prompt reply from Clint to my question regarding the application of a liquid wax over Sharkhide coating yesterday. In summary, he wouldn't recommend applying any wax over Sharkhide coating for the following reasons: 1. Chemical incompatibility of the wax that can cause the...
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    Liquid Wax Applied Over Sharkhide Toons?

    Thanks!. I'll send Clint an email and let everyone know what I know.
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    Liquid Wax Applied Over Sharkhide Toons?

    Hi there. I've used The Last Coat on my truck and really liked how it made the paint bead-up when it rains and made the paint feels slicker than snot. So cleaning and detailing my pontoon this past weekend before sending it off to get shrink wrapped and stored, I was wondering if applying a...
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    Gate Glide Feedback

    I am thinking about getting the gate glide for my 2021 22SSBX to keep the bow and side gates open when docking. Wondering what other experiences are with Bennington's gate glide. Are they easy to use? Thanks!
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    Seat drainage

    I was cleaning up the benny yesterday and remembered your post. My 2021 SSBX has drain holes on the bottom so that any water in the seat compartment drains out. Hope that helps my friend.
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    I'll show you mine, if you'll show me yours......

    Lake Sylvia - Annandale, MN
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    Motor hits ski tow bar

    It also looks like the tow bar was mounted on the center toon versus the pontoon deck. Wouldn't be an issue if the tow bar is mounted on the deck.
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    Sea Legs (Ultra Legs) full extension vs. hydraulics

    I have 2021 22SSBX with Ultra Legs. I asked the same question on this forum when I first took delivery of my pontoon being new Ultra Legs. I don't keep my legs fully extended otherwise it's going to look jacked up on shore. Rather, I keep my pontoon level and high enough so that waves don't...
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    Off season battery care......

    Batteries pulled at the end of season and put on my workbench with a battery tender until it's time to gett'er wet.
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    third price increase

    There has to be some middle ground/protection for the buyer so their budget doesn't get blown up. Now, it feels like the salesperson can low ball the price (knowing they are not going to be held responsible) to get the sale only to have Bennington change the price once it reaches the dealership...
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    Sorry for your loss my friend.
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    New to Pontoons-Order new LXSB

    I agree with Vikngstaff's comments on the Sea Legs. I had a ski boat that I would alway dread driving onto the lift especially if there was a cross wind and people on board. When I purchased my Benny, I opted for Ultra Legs (same as Sea Legs, just made by a different vendor) and what a game...
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    New 24 LXSB

    Congrats on the new boat! Just curious on a few items on your build. First, the stainless steel cleat, qty. 1. Is that just for a single cleat or cleats to go around the whole boat (which is typically 4)? Secondly, the quick fender latch kit (qty 6). It has it listed as qty 6 and you placed...
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    Surprise from Bennington in the Mail

    I too emailed Bennington multiple times earlier this year without a response. Out of the blue one day, I received an email from someone at Bennington stating that they have received my information and that my gift card code will be emailed out soon. Took about 5 months after taking delivery in...