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    New prices

    Just rebuilt the same boat we just got this year 2022 and it has gone up $ 10.000.00 wow
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    2022 Yamaha SHO 150

    S&A Thompson were on Kawartha lakes are you we are on pigeon small world.
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    2022 Yamaha SHO 150

    All fixed just hade to move it over to 6 and 5900 RPM at WOT Thanks all
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    2022 Yamaha SHO 150

    Ok we had our new tritoon out yesterday to put some hrs on the motor after 3 hrs I started to open it up at 3/4 it took off like a scared rabbit and hit 36 MPH trimmed I looked down at the tach and it was over 7000 RPM I know this cant be true as it had a lot more to go. It is a 150SHO...
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    New 2022 tritoon

    Thanks guys for the replies the boat trailer is only for winter storage but if I had known it didn't need the center support I could have saved $2500. Since we bought a brand new boat we wanted a brand new trailer and when I picked it up yesterday I never noticed it without a center support till...
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    New 2022 tritoon

    Hi all just picked up our new 2022 SX-22 with SPS from the dealer also ordered a new trailer tandem #4500 lb. there is no support for center tube and the dealer said Bennington does not need to support the center tube. Am I being screwed or is this true I want my facts straight before going in...
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    First Time Owner- 24LX

    Love the smooth with the crinkle I have the same.
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    Scratches on skirt normal?

    Just a idea buffed then painted a nice accent Colour ?
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    I'm not a fisherman

    You need to drill out the rivets to get at the nuts to do it right or grind the bolts from the top as close to the floor deck and cover with same Colour silicone.
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    Prop Suggestion - 22svsr Yamaha 200

    Reliance SDS 14.5x15 is the prop for that boat /motor
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    2022 Q - it's finally gonna happen!

    My boat was ordered in July delivered to my dealer in December but no motor as of yet dealer said mid April I hope so.
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    Depth Finder

    If you don't want to put in a new switch use the horn or one you wont use that much.
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    Joystick for single engine pontoons

    I am sure that would be a big buck but neat
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    Best anchor for a 23 foot Tritoon

    Thank You All for your replies I am going with a box anchor. Up here in Ontario the chain of lakes we are in have a lot of sand bars.
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    Best anchor for a 23 foot Tritoon

    Looking for advice on a anchor for our new Tritoon