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    Favorite furniture layout & Why

    night cap:):p
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    2022 Boats

    We ordered ours mid July for spring 2022 delivery dealer said it would be here this fall its not like I can use it.
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    2022 Boats

    New Bennington boats are starting to arrive at my dealer up here in Canada hopefully mine will be on its way.
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    Price Increase

    We were the same but everything out there was used at new prices. So we went with new hope we all get our boats for next spring.
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    Price Increase

    Ordered our boat July 18 so three months not even in que yet but I did rebuilt it and it has gone up $3600 dollars. Hope it is here for spring 2022
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    175 vmax on a 23 LSB SPS. The odd duck motor?

    The 150 SHO has 2.01 gears the 175 SHO and F 200 have 1.86 gears and as stated all run the same 2.8 block but the F 200 doesn't have the same valve timing. I have a 2022 SXRX 22 on order and first went with the 150 SHO but have asked to up it for the 175 SHO and hope I get it in April 2022
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    Aluminum cleaner that is safe with Shark Hide?

    So if you leave your boat in the water all season is it not worth doing. Thanks
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    How to know if ordered boat has gone into production

    Great I hope we have the same luck ordered 7-19-21
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    How to know if ordered boat has gone into production

    Well we ordered in July for may 2022 here in Canada I hope it comes in by then
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    Now the bad news…

    The alignment is so far out you will blow a tire have it checked or check the bearings.
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    Delivery estimates?

    We ordered a 2022 SXXR 22 Tritoon SPS with 150 Yamaha SHO V MAX in July 2021 hope it comes by May 2022
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    Order Placed .

    very nice
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    base vs seagrass vs bamboo flooring

    Bamboo is the new standard floor for 2022
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    New on order 2022 sxxr 22 Yamaha 150 SHO tritoon with the SPS with the performance package. firecracker main smooth panels with Smokey granite accent. This will be our first pontoon boat cant wait