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    Project report: Change to vintage boat control was a stupid mistake

    As reported on these pages I modified my Bennington to make it my own. One of the modifications involved replacing the original single lever control with the a vintage dual lever control for twin engines. Thirty years ago when I found this control I said “someday I will find a home for this”. So...
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    Missing aluminum water deflector plate under right rear

    The single sheet of aluminum on your boat shields the fuel fill hose that runs from the filler on the side of your boat to the transom mounted fuel tank. Turbulent water squeezed between the transom and the tube has the potential to tear the filler hose off.
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    Missing aluminum water deflector plate under right rear

    Your description makes no sense. Are you referring to underdeck sheeting? What is the left rest feature on the boat? I can tell you that my 22 SXSL came with underdeck sheeting only on the port side sufficient to protect the side fill hose.
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    BRP is back in the outboard game

    I normally embrace innovation and have respect for BRP corp. but in this case I think this motor will not succeed in the marketplace. The power unit hangs behind the transom with much of it below the water line. At times the 3 cylinder power unit will be completely submerged. It is vulnerable...
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    Enviro Fill Bypass

    My 2021 S model with side fill went from bad to worse when I replaced the tank on my modified boat. It had nothing to do with the vent. The way the system works is when flow forces (pressure) gets to the little hole on the bottom side of the fill nozzle it shuts it off. Realigning the nozzle...
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    2010 Bennington 2075GS

    Good question. My dealer has a big gantry lift but most dealers do not so what do they do. I doubt they use those hardy looking eyelets because they are welded to thin gauge sheet aluminum.
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    2022 SVSR 22' Tritoon has arrived!

    Does your 2004 have fuses or curcuit breakers? Bus bars where more common when they where part of a fuse block. I think bus bars are more ship shape because they are more of a robust connection and they make trouble shooting easier.
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    Looking for ignition power in rear lounge

    You will not find much electrical power in the rear lounge in the back of the boat. Under the console you will find circuit breakers not a fuse block. All of the power for the circuit breakers comes directly from the battery. The power for the gages does come from the key switch but nothing is...
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    2022 SVSR 22' Tritoon has arrived!

    Your additions to your new boat is extensive and impressive. Adding bus bars for power and ground is smart making the wiring more ship shape. I was disappointed in Bennington to not see bus bars on my new boat. I was disappointed in myself for not upgrading my boat when I added 50% more wires in...
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    Sedona wonky gauges

    It does not seem probable that all three gages would go bad before their time. The problem could be something they all have in common. Something they all have in common is power from the key switch and ground (black wire) to the battery. Check the connections. A electrical meter measuring...
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    Installing ACR with starter isolation feature

    The boat in the little picture is a small twin tube SX22 with modest power. Just like you I like do-it-yourself projects.
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    Installing ACR with starter isolation feature

    Do not know the color of that key wire going to your motor but it sounds like you are fully capable of confirming your search with a test light.
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    Installing ACR with starter isolation feature

    The key switch wires are in a cable that runs directly to the motor. Pull the switch plate to gain access. You may have to remove the side facia plate to fish a wire to your new switch. Bennington does not make removing this easy.
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    Mooring Cover Snap Installing

    Great suggestions by sunedog. I would add to it by recommending clamping at all 4 corners before starting the process and committing to snaps. That way you will avoid getting to the last snap and finding excess material pucker. I use c-clamps a lot. Once again read the instructions for further...
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    Former Harris Sunliner owner about to buy 2023 22SX swing back. Looking for a quality comparison

    I have spent more time looking at the underdeck of pontoon boats than anyone I know. Nowadays I see little structural difference. Cross member spacing is the same on most boats with 2 crossmembers for every 4 foot wide sheet of plywood. Typically there will be more crossmembers near the stern to...