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    Hurricane tie down?

    Sorry to hear that you are in this tough situation. Forgive my ignorance but would it be safer away from the water on a trailer? (If you have one, or can rent one?)
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    RL211 depth finder

    Not sure if this thread I found below helps, but there is a link to many manuals. They mention Techsonic which may be the T shaped logo at the top of your gauge.
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    Are you getting power to your hydraulic pump? There should be a green light on it under your helm. It should also make a very subtle "whiney" sound when the wheel is turned if your pump/power steering is working. I'd check that first
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    Steering attachments to motor - asymetric

    Perfect thank you so much for the reply. The link and picture completely answer my question. Much appreciated
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    Steering attachments to motor - asymetric

    This past weekend, when looking for a knocking sound at stern of boat (see separate thread, ended up being broken welds on a plate underneath motor pod) I noticed the attachment of my power steering to the engine was loose. This is obviously not the cause of any knocking sound, and completely...
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    Knocking sound at stern

    Do you mind me asking what something like that would cost? And was it primarily for efficiency/to reduce drag (and if so, do you notice a difference?) or to protect that plate that broke on mine from breaking?
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    Knocking sound at stern

    Wow, great idea! Was this a warranty addition, or did you have to pay extra for that? I'm assuming my repair will be under warranty but that an additional deflector plate would not. But that is an awesome idea, thanks for sharing. To me the flat plate, as DVW said, would create lots of...
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    Knocking sound at stern

    Ok great, thanks all for your help!
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    Knocking sound at stern

    Thanks for the replies. Yes, the transducer is definitely still attached. Upon further investigation, I found the culprit. It was not the wire. There is a piece of metal underneath on the forward facing front edge of the motor pod/fuel pod (not sure what else to call it) where all 3 small welds...
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    Knocking sound at stern

    2021 23 SSRCX with Yamaha 150 VMax. Running great all summer, but randomly started making a "knocking" sound at the port stern. Almost as if I took a rock or ring and randomly tapped it against the pontoon or something. Only occurred at high speeds. Didn't necessarily sound like it was coming...
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    What is the pipe diameter of ski tow bar?

    Just an update on my previous post. I was able to place my new rod holders on my ski bar and I'm really happy with how they came out! Pictures attached. I have two more that I may mount on the sides.
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    Bowrider model

    Same with us. No good way to get on the bow without stepping on cushions.
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    Storms becoming more common?

    Yes completely agree. Last summer our lake (Owasco Lake, NY) level rose 2.5 feet overnight after a huge storm. It was an absolute and docks floated away, boats stuck underneath hoist canopies, etc. I feel like there are more and more of these torrential downpours nowadays than...
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    Power Steering Fail: Again but with new insight (plus new WOT speed)

    I'm glad you made it home OK on Battery 1 + 2. I had a (somewhat) similar issue last year when, over time, Battery 2 eventually drained. There was a separate thread I created here. The issue was that my main battery/power cable from the engine/alternator went directly to Battery 1, instead of...
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    Fishing pole holders I bought these recently. Really solid. There's another thread on it. Except mine have black inserts, not white. Not sure if exactly the same as above