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    New to Pontoons-Order new LXSB

    I have a Shoremaster 5500lb with pontoon kit (side rails and 3 sets of bunks) for my 23SSRCX. Works well. Not cheap though unfortunately.
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    Surprise from Bennington in the Mail

    How did you get your gift card? I also signed up for that virtual showroom and received/signed for my boat in May and never got a gift card. I just emailed twice without a response. Did you have to reach out to someone in particular? Thanks
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    New member 20sxl

    Love that color scheme! Sharp looking boat. Congrats!
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    Advice on negotiating price - key options to get

    Extended aft deck and power steering are the best money spent! The rest is just details. Agree with Vikingstaff, even though he is a Spartan fan!
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    First pontoon - help on pricing 22SSR

    Congrats! I would definitely add power steering. I have a yamaha 150 and with power steering you can turn the boat with one finger. It's my favorite option of my build! With SPS and 150hp I think the consensus on this forum is that is a sweet spot for performance and price. Are you looking for...
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    Salesperson leaving

    Sam was super helpful to me earlier this year when my boat (and engine) were delayed. Really great customer service from Bennington.
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    Battery not charging

    Do you, Potomacbassin', or anyone else have a picture of their switch/distribution panel/battery 1 wiring setup? Thanks again for all of the help
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    New Boat Owners! (Boatvid-19)

    Go Irish!
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    Battery not charging

    Wow I see what you are describing. Thanks! Makes total sense. I'll investigate, I'm heading up to the boat this weekend.
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    Which ladder is best

    I have the curved aluminum blackout ladder and it is very sturdy and easy to use. It extends deep into the water making entry very easy for all ages
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    Battery not charging

    I'm not currently at my boat (5 hours away) to switch the batteries, but my Dad just sent me these pictures. It seems to be that one battery has a "battery 1" labeled negative cable and a "battery 2" labeled positive cable. I'm no electrician but seems that the cables were routed incorrectly...
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    Battery not charging

    Hi all, I have about 35 hours on my new 2021 SSRCX with VMAX 150 with a 2 battery system. I alternate using battery 1 and 2 on even/odd days and pretty religious about it, turning master power off at end of day, etc. I've noticed the voltage on battery 2 slowly decreasing and now it's down...
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    Any members being affected by Henri?

    Thankfully it wasn't as bad here in CT as they thought it would be. The rains up in New York last week where we boat were way worse...the lake (Owasco) rose over 2 feet and the entire lake was a big lost and found for boats, docks, etc. Thankfully I had family there to crank the boat higher...
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    RPM gauge

    I have a 2021 SX and the mph shows digitally on the Garmin. There is no speedometer on the dash. Only RPM.
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    Throttle/gear selector not working on new boat

    Good news, quick easy fix. The clip connecting the throttle cable in the engine came loose, the marina was out within an hour of me calling this morning and fixed it at my dock.