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    boat lift recommendation

    The front mount lift will submerge completely. You can pull in the slip and not be on the lift. Backing in may be tricky unless you trim the motor all the way up.
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    Production delays II

    This is a great resource on the feeder chemicals for foam Love the dog!
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    Production delays II

    Polyol supply is still limited. Foam allotments will remain greatly reduced until May or June.
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    Show us your dogs

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    Suggestions for preventing mold on Benny seats.

    I always place 2 or 3 of the large Damp Rid buckets under the cover. Replace them as needed.. Never experienced any mold issues.
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    Shout Out

    Dealer would have installed as well but I decided to leave my boat at the lake and install myself. 
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    Shout Out

    Kudos to Bennington and Tri County Marine in Granite Falls, NC for outstanding costumer service. After nearly 5 years I was beginning to have seam slippage on several seats in my 2275 GCW. I just picked up brand new, perfectly matched replacement seats. No questions asked and no charge...
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    Boat Dock Price

    I hear you.  Our floating dock by Wahoo was $50k but other quotes were very similar.
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    Watauga Lake, TN Dock Project

    Greetings.  We just completed our new dock project on Watauga just in time for winter.  We went with a Wahoo Cat5 floating dock and a Float Air lift. Pics in gallery. We are excited for next season!
  11. View from water

    View from water

  12. View from dock

    View from dock

  13. Boat on lift

    Boat on lift

  14. Back of lift

    Back of lift