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    Ceramic coating - worth it

    I have had good luck with the Turtle Wax Hybrid Ceramic as well. Use it on car, truck, motorcycle and boat as well. For the price, ease of use and results, it is hard to beat.
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    What's the size of my boat

    My 2021 23 SX Premium swingback has the same capacity plate near the helm as well (22'-SPS-200). Never made any sense to me either.
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    easier cover options?

    I wanted a cover for my new boat last fall/winter that would completely cover the front and rear decks and sides that are left exposed by the factory mooring cover. I had previously ordered a carport from Carolina Carports, but it took 9 months to finally get it installed. In the meantime, I...
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    Bunk to pontoon fit SCWX 22

    Got any photos?
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    2021 Ridgeline

    It was unclear to me as well if he already has a Suburban or was considering one as an option to the Ridgeline. If he already has the Suburban then that is a no brainer. Use it to tow twice a year. My Ridgeline gets around 11mpg towing at 45-55mph. I'm sure it would drop even lower at...
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    2021 Ridgeline

    I have a 2017 Ridgeline AWD and tow my SX23P tri-toon with 150 Yamaha. It is at the upper limits of the rated towing capacity for the vehicle. I only tow 10 miles to the lake 2-3 times a week during the summer on back roads at 40-55mph. Not the ideal tow vehicle for a boat this size and...