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    Rear Camara instead of a mirror?

    We did as BennyBoat is doing and installed this last year on our 2015 2575RCW: We used this cupholder phone mount to give us a little more height and reach flexibility, placed in the helm cupholder...
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    Curved Bimini Vrs Standard?

    After the front arms on our curved Bimini would routinely pop out, we reversed the bottom plastic clips and haven't had a problem since (it's been a few years too). Because of the tabs that are intended to hold them against the adjacent arms when stowed are now on the opposite side, it's obvious...
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    Trailer Options for 30Qx30 (10'-wide)?

    Don't forget that you need to figure in the weight of the trailer too. Of course, letting them know your total boat weight, on a custom build, they should have you covered (i.e. I'm thinking you need 11-12k lb axles, hitch, build, etc.) And as previously stated, there are permitting...
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    Gas Tank NOT VENTING on 2016 2372 Q

    Check (with your dealer?) to make sure the check valves at the top of the carbon canister aren't installed or plumbed backwards and that all vent tubing is clear/unblocked. Since your canister checks out, not sure what else there would be to prevent proper venting.
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    Connect rope to ski pylon?

    You are very welcome!
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    Curved Bimini Vrs Standard?

    David G, are you asking about the standard straight bimini vs. the curved bimini (manual, not powered) or are you asking about the power bimini?
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    Trailering: bow against bumpers or is a gap OK?

    I'm not sure it matters for your setup, from what I'm hearing. If your weight distribution/tongue weight is good with the gap and it doesn't move, I'd just keep doing what you are doing. Ours also has that gap too after we load and I eliminate it with a quick brake check in the parking lot. The...
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    This came with our new Bennington...what is it?

    Over the rub rail, in alignment with where the rub rail would hit your trailer bunk stops. It protects the rub rail from rubbing up against those stops and if you have a cover that extends down the front, covering the front deck, it gives you space to install the cover. If you don't have a...
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    Trailer advice.

    We added a couple new SS tie eyes under the front deck, next to the center toon on each side, along with a pair of BoatBuckles and the optional BoatBuckle mounting brackets on the trailer. Works real slick and no separate ratchet strap to mess with.
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    Gas Tank NOT VENTING on 2016 2372 Q

    Had this exact same problem and resolution on our 2015 last year. A quick and simple fix.
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    Another ESP Center Toon Bilge thread

    Yes, a 2015 will still be under warranty.
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    Another ESP Center Toon Bilge thread

    I believe there is another bulkhead just in front of the fuel tank that you cannot see. As a test, raise the bow to see if the water does drain all the way to the back to the bilge pump (it might be slow). If not, the dealer needs to correct. If so, it is fine but store your boat with the bow...
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    Carl Wagner (CWAG911)

    With deepest sympathy to Carl's family. May this soldier rest in peace.
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    Carl Wagner (CWAG911)

    Many prayers Carl
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    Handy hints, gadgets, products, gizmos & ideas...

    We have an HO Play Pad. Looks to be very similar construction. Very portable and love it!