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    Reliance Series Prop?

    Not bad performance. My guess is the reliance prop is what they had. Think reliance props are more common on 150-200 applications but that sounds like pretty good numbers. See what happens post break in
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    Motor mounting height, ventilation & performance issues

    I’ve run mine (also vf250, but ESP hull) in both the lowest and the setting you are in. A bit faster when mounted higher but definitely sacrifice grip out of the hole and in aggressive cornering. I’m back in the lowest position currently for those reasons. Think you’ll be happier down a...
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    R23 / Yamaha 300/ ESP

    Another guy here who has changed props and mounting heights over and over. Dropping the motor will for sure lead to better grip in turns. For me dropping the motor back to lowest (from second hole) led to the loss of 1-2 mph. Unless you’re running 400-450 Merc our hulls seem to top out...
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    Crazy. Miss him on the forum for sure
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    R23 / Yamaha 300/ ESP

    49.6 at around 5500 with me, my daughters, and a yeti 110. So I figure it would run over 50 with a light load. I’m back to a 16 SWS as we do a lot of water sports and it has a little more punch. Plus I really like the sds hub
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    R23 / Yamaha 300/ ESP

    My bad. Had you confused with party barge. Good luck with the tinkering. Surprised by the speed with the 16p. I would have guessed you’d still push around 45-46
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    R23 / Yamaha 300/ ESP

    I’ve got a 15.5 x17 solas (copy of the sws II) you can try if you’d like. I’m in Greenville and think your around here seeing as you went to the keowee boat show.
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    Question: poll

    Everyone knows the rule on my boat. Sun screen is applied off the boat and no one on board until it’s soaked in/dried
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    R23 ski pylon

    Need to make sure you get the proper length pole. They tried to give me the 46” originally and it rubbed my cowling. Swapped for a 52” and it’s fine.
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    RPM and Speed when cornering towing tube?

    excellent advice by all the above but I’m with cldave. Move the big boys to the back of the boat when towing and see if it hooks up better. That’s cheaper than any other option.
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    R23 / Yamaha 300/ ESP

    Step one for improved cornering. Drop motor to lowest position. I’ve had mine raised one hole and there is a difference. It’s back down now as I like thumping my kids on the tube. Do that first as you already have the prop in place. That doesn’t work, SWS II
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    Prop Suggestion

    Get a credit for the cost difference. The lexor is a copy of the SWS II props so should give close to the same performance. The solas props are known for being a higher pitch than stamped (or very efficient, not much slip). I have a 15 1/2 x 17 that behaves like a 19 pitch. But good prop...
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    2016 model deck stains , what to do ? Is a common problem with Bennington ?

    I’d try a power washer and some dawn dish soap
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    Lake Lanier GA / Lake Hartwell SC Suggestion

    The little bar/outdoor dining area at Big Water is fun. Ride over to the Local (by water) on Wednesday night. Not sure when it starts or if it’s year round but they have 5$ burger night and karaoke. In the summer it’s usually pretty interesting. The best restaurant on the lake is The Galley...
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    Opportunity to use a lift....

    I’m thinking you’d be fine without (we own the nicest pontoon boat on the market) but I’d still investigate the cost of adding the additional support for the center log. Keep us posted