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    Benny owners on Lake Hartwell?!?

    On Hartwell the last 6 yrs. highly underrated in the upstate which is fine with us. Next time your down this way speak up and I’ll show you around.
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    2021 24LX ESP .125 300HP What to Expect WOT?

    Good luck, be patient, and I’m sure they’ll get you figured out. No doubt that boat should run mid to high 40’s and still push 40 fully loaded. My esp boat will run high 40’s empty and still 40 with the max of 13 guys on board (250 Yamaha). I run the 15 1/2 x 16 due to lots of water sports...
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    2021 Ridgeline

    Yep. But I took his post as he really wants out of the suburban ($$) and is wondering if a ridge line will do the job. I offered a solution that would work for me given his situation. Hence, buy the ridge line if you like it, rent a truck twice a yr
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    2021 Ridgeline

    buy the ridge line if you like it. Then go to uhaul 2 times a yr and rent a 3/4 truck to tow your boat. Less wear and tear on your vehicle and nothing to worry about with payload/braking/etc
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    should it be faster 2022 Benning ton rx sport 400 verado

    Put all the kids in the back. Run around 30 mph and that bandwagon will take flight!!!! Not safe but if you’re after thrashing those kids that’s the way to get it done
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    Fuel on Lake Norman.....

    3.99 on the water for 93 no ethanol at lake hartwell sc
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    Power steering issue

    Check your fuses. I had the one that supplies the power assist blow my first yr. no trouble in the next 5 yrs. go figure
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    Not in my case. I barely had tearing at the seems and Bennington took care of it for me. I...

    Not in my case. I barely had tearing at the seems and Bennington took care of it for me. I still haven’t put the new one on yet as the old is only noticeable to me.
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    In my experience raising my motor allowed me to run more trim angle with less porpoising. But I’ve since moved it back down to the lowest setting as we do more water sports than anything and didn’t like the grip I lost in turns. Good luck. Keep us posted. My boat runs 45-47 most days as...
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    New Problems - Near Electrical Fire

    hate to see this. Good thing it began right away and not while you were off the boat. Hope they get you fixed up quick. Good luck this morning
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    Reliance Series Prop?

    Not bad performance. My guess is the reliance prop is what they had. Think reliance props are more common on 150-200 applications but that sounds like pretty good numbers. See what happens post break in
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    Motor mounting height, ventilation & performance issues

    I’ve run mine (also vf250, but ESP hull) in both the lowest and the setting you are in. A bit faster when mounted higher but definitely sacrifice grip out of the hole and in aggressive cornering. I’m back in the lowest position currently for those reasons. Think you’ll be happier down a...
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    R23 / Yamaha 300/ ESP

    Another guy here who has changed props and mounting heights over and over. Dropping the motor will for sure lead to better grip in turns. For me dropping the motor back to lowest (from second hole) led to the loss of 1-2 mph. Unless you’re running 400-450 Merc our hulls seem to top out...
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    Crazy. Miss him on the forum for sure
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    R23 / Yamaha 300/ ESP

    49.6 at around 5500 with me, my daughters, and a yeti 110. So I figure it would run over 50 with a light load. I’m back to a 16 SWS as we do a lot of water sports and it has a little more punch. Plus I really like the sds hub