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    Bennington prices?

    I couldn't agree more. They've got the MSRP so jacked up now that they can play every financing / trade in, extended warranty game in the playbook and still clean your clock! Who will be too big to fail this time??
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    New Yamaha Prop - SWS II HP

    Thanks Alot Potomacbassin' I had not seen anything on this and it could very well be my perfect prop. I'm guessing they finally built us an Enertia with slightly more diameter And SDS! Bravo Yamaha! edit: Backordered till 6/10 - Oh well it should be worth the wait.
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    Yamaha 250 SHO vs 300

    This is some of the ugly that will be under or inside your console and that might be the brain box you are referring to. Not hard to see why they don't show this spaghetti in the Yamaha Rigging literature pic above but it works like a dream!
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    Prop test data

    Sorry PartyBarge I didnt mean to mislead you or anyone else. When I mentioned overdrive I was talking about the propeller itself, as that is essentially our final drive gear ratio and the 52 - 5300 RPM I'm turning at WOT effectively works like an overdrive.
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    Prop test data

    Exactly !!
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    Yamaha 250 SHO vs 300

    While you are at it you might want to check into the new digital electric steering that is available from Yamaha. It seems like a huge improvement over my now antiquated Seastar electric hydraulic power steering.
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    Yamaha 250 SHO vs 300

    What difference in price are they quoting you? The DEC is a better way to control a motor. No cables to bind and its impossible to shift half way into a gear, damaging the shift dogs over time. Music playing, people talking, rookie boat driver etc. the standard controls are not optimal. The...
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    Prop test data

    Because the burn rate is slower and the peak cylinder pressure in the combustion chamber occurs later than optimal, reducing power and fuel efficiency. Or at least that is what most engine peeps tend to think.
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    Prop test data

    Still learning and still experimenting but currently a 20p SWS in second hole from lowest (2nd from lowest motor height) as the smaller, 15" diameter seems happier down there. Fuel Economy is improved with the 20 approx. 10% @ WOT and it turns 52- 5300 loaded and topped out so I'm in an rpm...
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    Prop test data

    I tested and still have (on the shelf) the17 Enertia you may be seeking. Prop Testing
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    Prop test data

    Last time I checked with Propgods he using primarily Mercury Props and no SWS2 stuff so he was out right there for me. I don't think you will find anything appreciably better all around than the 15 1/4 X 19 SWS2 and there is also a ~40 HP Tuneup available for your motor if that appeals to you.
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    Big Motor Big Prop Mounting Height Jackplate

    I have a few minor updates to add to this ongoing educational process which is far from complete. If you have a Big Yamaha stick with the SWS Props and if you have a Big Mercury the Enertia is the best choice. The Yamaha SDS is the softest on the gear engagement and I believe the early ones...
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    Prop selection for Q25 w/300 Verado

    The Anti Ventilation Plate .5" to 1.5" Above Tube Bottom is a very good range in my opinion. My 2275 FSI ESP runs 48 to 49 with a moderate load and 300 ish HP from a Yamaha like yours. If the arch adds 1000 lbs maybe you are in the OK Range on speed but it really sounds like you might have...
  14. 2275 SFI 5 Batts

    2275 SFI 5 Batts

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    SeaStar Power Assist Steering Won't Turn Boat

    There is a recall or TSB with Seastar for an internal valve malfunction. May not be related to yours but the failure is like you described. Mine has done it to and we had a rock wall on one side and grass / mud on the other (Left) side. Luckily we went into the mud. Very scary and serious...