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    CG question.

    Center of gravity, I believe.
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    Oil change

    It’s simple, takes me less than an hour. I’d spend twice that amount of time just transporting to/from the dealer, as I store in my own bldg . Try to do it while engine is still warm.
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    Battery not charging

    As a means of isolating the problem, can you swap the batteries, ie make 2 number 1, and vice versa? If you do that, and the current 2 in the 1 place now gets charged, and the current 1 put into the 2 place loses it’s charge, then that would seem to indicate that the problem is the wiring, not...
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    Problem with USB port on 2018 Sfx

    If you mean the socket receptacle, then yes, I have bought the USB (power) receptacle on Amazon. Seems they would also have the media input ones, if they are different.
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    Shoremaster gangplank

    I have a Hewitt lift, and have a short gangplank jutting out from the dock. Works well, wife and dogs like it.
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    My New Bowrider

    Nice boat. Just curious…where is that? The location look nice.
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    Three batteries on my 2008 2275 GS

    Seems like if you physically disconnected the back battery cables from the battery, and then if you boat still worked (ie radio runs, starts, etc) that would confirm that the front batteries are wired into the boat system. Probably easier than tracing wires.
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    Correct Bunk Length for boathouse lift?

    Your cross beams are 102”, or 8.5’...which is the width of the boat. Gonna be a tight fit. My Hewitt lift is sized for a 120” clear width, so I would suggest making those beams longer. I would also go with the longer bunk boards.
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    Aluminum planks for cradle.

    If you google search there are companies that sell extruded alum plank. Markstarr, 6” a 2” x 11’, $90. Other sizes available, other vendors as well. Cover with plastic yourself.
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    Dual Batteries

    Skaneateles. Oneida is a fun lake. Three mile bay, restaurants on the river, etc. Enjoy.
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    Dual Batteries

    Where in SYR do you boat?
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    New boat arrived!

    No, we boat on Skaneateles lake. Did a few Great Races in past years, that sandbar looks like a wild time.
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    New boat arrived!

    Very nice. That the North end of Owasco?
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    Advice on trailer for my 20 ft tri-toon. (Mid America)

    I think the brakes/no brakes question is somewhat dependent on what the tow vehicle is.
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    Do You Have Guide Ons On Your Boat Lift?

    What if you bent or turned them outwards, so that the width when the lift is in the lowered position is wider? Then as you run the lift up the guides nudge the boat to the bunks.