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    what to do with cover while shirink wrapped

    It's "probably" ok if it's dry when you put it away and no moisture under the seat, however, we always take ours off the boat and store it rolled up in the garage for the winter just to prevent any potential mold issues. If you have a place to put it for the winter, I recommend to take it off...
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    Favorite furniture layout & Why

    We love our swingback, it's a 25' and we got the bow seat for extra seating. Love having the big wrap-around U shaped seating up front. We've had 3 families out with a total of 6 adults and 9 kids and everyone was comfortable. Kids love the swingback with the rail so they can ride back there...
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    Here are some pics of our updated setup for this year. We used to run some small flags attached to the bimini with the Taylor made fender clips, and upgraded to this setup to get some full size flags. Two rod holders mounted to the tow bar and these flag poles made to go in rod holders. Great...
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    Swingback layout. What cooler fits best and were in your boat?

    We use a big Grizzly hard sided cooler, similar to an RTIC or Yeti, and put it in between the seats where the side door is. We hardly ever use the side door, so we just block it with the cooler and if we need to, we just move the cooler out, but it's a nice central location and fits perfectly...
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    Do the Big TriToons create any Wake for Wakeboarding?

    We have a 25 foot with the SPS hull and came from a 21' Malibu. I have wakeboarded a few times behind the Benny, and there is little to no wake for jumping. The benefits of moving to a pontoon far outweighed the negatives of the wake, so no regrets here, but you're not going to be launching...
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    New QX30 twin 450 almost built

    Wow that's crazy!
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    New QX30 twin 450 almost built

    What was that option cost? I want it just for the wow factor of seeing the engines move and throttle up and down independently for docking maneuvers!
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    New QX30 twin 450 almost built

    No joystick control!?
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    Bennington Q with twin yamaha 425

    There was a silver one at our marina that was in the water to demo all summer. It only had 300's though, must have been slow. We asked our sales guy what the price was, it had an MSRP of $280K and was being sold for around $230K!
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    Placement of boat name

    We put ours on the sides in the "swoosh" part, worked out perfect for us with the size of the lettering.
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    Trump Parade Tears!!!

    I'll agree to disagree on this one. Yes, driver error led to the damage, but it's a boat, that drives on water. Accidents happen and a boat of this size and cost should be able to take a wave over the bow without causing $1700 worth of damage. If it means $500-1000 more to put heavier gauge...
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    Trump Parade Tears!!!

    We saw a boat with the same damage at our dealer yesterday while filling up at the gas docks. It was one of their rental boats and they said it just happened on Saturday when the renter had the front loaded heavy and stuffed the bow in a wave. He said it's about $800 to replace, but I think...
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    Motor capabilities and ECU flashes

    I don't see how Mercury can stop someone from tuning their engines. There are shops that tune car engines all the time to get more HP out of them. How is the boat industry any different? Sounds to me like Mercury is pushing their weight around to scare Simon Performance into stopping their...
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    Motor capabilities and ECU flashes

    That's not good to hear. I hope it's not for all Mercury's and just the Verado line. We have a non-Verado V6 200 HP version from 2019 and was hoping to flash it once the warranty is up in a few years.