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    Center toon damp, no sir - simple mod!

    Scott do you happen to remember how long you cut that board for the center boat is a couple hrs away. Id prefer to pre cut it if I can. Thanks!
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    New Owner

    I guess this depends on your individual size but I noticed that with the bolster down I can feel the metal bars inside the seat, and its a little uncomfortable. Have you noticed anything like that? I was a little disappointed in that because I like to take long cruises and this could be a problem...
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    Hey Foatin, so I was searching the forum for flag ideas and came across your post. Specifically because I'm having a hard time with the size. I see you with with 2x3 so I was wondering if that ended up being a good size. The 3'x5' seems too big and the 12"x18' seem too small, and I found some...
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    Can this screw be removed?

    So I had the exact same question for the exact same reasons. Did removing the screw work? I keep forgetting to bring allen wrenches to try it... sorry just saw where you said you wont get it unwrapped until April...well in any case my dealer said the same thing, that it can be removed. We will...
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    Dual Battery Setup/Battery Switches??

    We will be doing some tubing so Ill need to think about that. I have some time for changes before they start the build, but good to know power steering can be added later if needed. As my wife keeps saying, "We have to stop somewhere"...maybe that money tree will yield...
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    Dual Battery Setup/Battery Switches??

    Probably should go for the power steering, but yes it’s pricey. I’ve noticed many of the boats at dealerships don’t have the power steering on the 150s, so I’m hoping maybe it’s needed more on the higher HP motors.
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    Dual Battery Setup/Battery Switches??

    Thanks everyone, boat has been ordered and dual batteries are on the list. Hoping my "should have" list is very small.
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    Dual Battery Setup/Battery Switches??

    Thanks, I think the only drawback of the dual battery for me is with the quad bench setup apparently one battery goes on each side. Between two batteries and the bilge pump it takes up, or at least limits 3 of the 4 under seat storage compartments.
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    Dual Battery Setup/Battery Switches??

    Hi all! About to order my first Bennignton, first boat really. Been researching for the last few months and decided on a 22 SSRX. We are about to pull the trigger and order one and I thought I had searched all the options but of course I overlooked one, the battery. I'm am far, far over budget...