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    Simrad water depth chart display

    Help me Boaty-one Kenobi your my only hope. I am having difficulties trying to get the Simrad on the boat to display the lake map with depths. I was out on the boat yesterday and all it showed was a yellow background. I went to advanced map settings and tried Navionics and C-Map insight...
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    Brr! Keeping the logs clean.

    That boat of yours makes you smile from ear to ear. Glad to see you are loving it and no PADS for you! Enjoy your summer!
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    Production delays II

    Every dealer is different. It’s not really apples to apples if you were comparing your build time versus someone else at another dealer. Depends on how many slots they have available etc. etc. If your boat was built they are probably just waiting for a few more boats so they can have a full load...
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    Updated 200 VMax vs old version

    I got the first of the new 300’s my dealer got. From my research they went in to production February-March but I had to wait until April 24 when they finally got one. It was still in the 40s to 50s here so I didn’t mind when they kept telling me another week or two. Looks sharp and has the new...
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    Stainless Aft Rail for Swingback - Where can I get one of these rails?

    Talk to your dealer about price and getting one.
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    Best way to Waterproof the Mooring Cover?

    I've heard it recommended to use 303 (or similar product) to waterproof the mooring cover. Just curious for those that have what is the best way to do this? Other people recommended to use a pump sprayer and that sounds like a good idea but do you drape the cover over something and spray it...
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    The Lift is Finally In

    Looks like a very nice setup you have. Now if summer would get here. Enjoy!
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    Happy Birthday to .................... CHECK IN DAILY !!!!

    Happy birthday lakeliving! Enjoy another wonderful year on the water!
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    Bimini Top

    Rubber mallet is a good idea. Also Potomacbassin modified his with a pin so it can’t pop out if they don’t get it secured. This might be a good option too to avoid accidents. Good luck!
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    Location of Fuses for Accessories

    I just got a brand new boat so I am figuring these things out too. Needless to say I am not an expert. I do know that you have to turn on the power switch at the batteries to one or two, then turn on the master power switch, then on my dash I believe it’s the far left accessory switch turns on...
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    Yeti Sidekick Dry bags

    Looks like Yeti still has 30 of the navy blue in stock right now!
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    What size motor?

    If you are just going to be cruising and occasional pulling a tube I think you will be fine. As stated you can always use more horsepower but if it is really a $6000 upgrade it isn’t worth that. You would probably gain 2-3 mph on the top end. If you aren’t happy with acceleration with a fully...
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    Yeti Sidekick Dry bags

    That was the fourth time in the last few weeks. That was the longest they were in stock. Before that don’t think they have been in stock since at least last summer. You can sign up to get notified when they are back in stock. I’m on some yeti forums and folks there sell them with a mark up.
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    Minnesota... Where do you place your Registration decals?

    Full disclaimer: not my boat but was posted on another of my threads. I think it looks very sharp too. This is mine. I was thinking either a navy blue domed number set or a black chrome domed number so it would look sharp. As soon as I get my registration I can order numbers.
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    Minnesota... Where do you place your Registration decals?

    I hear ya with this dilemma. I don’t want it on the top due to I like the clean look without it there. I’m going to do this too and put it above the toons as the new louvered design doesn’t leave much room for the numbers. This is sharp! I also checked with my local sheriff’s office and they...