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    Changing of the season

    Coming from ND/MN I’ve seen pontoons in camo and with branches but never a whole floating island. Those ducks don’t stand a chance!
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    New Owner

    If you are unsure about the bolstered seat you could consider other options like
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    New Owner

    I don’t believe that is available on the raised helm if I remember right when on the build site.
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    New Owner

    I was on the fence about it too. I ordered it due to the feedback of everyone here. I don’t think it’s a trip hazard. It is very tapered and I’ve never stubbed my toe on it. My only issue with it was that the chair sits so low. I’m only 5’8 but a bigger guy. Felt like my knees were up to my...
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    Way to go Bennington!!!

    Very good to see! Thanks!
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    Simrad Go7 Boat or motor hours

    i believe if you hold down on the bar to the right then you can change any of these parameters. I have a Yamaha but if your motor is talking to the network you should be able to do this
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    Tried & True Methods For Rodent Control During Storage

    How long does it take to get rid of the smell in the spring. What’s the best way to take care of it?
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    New Boat Does Not Sit Level

    I wonder how many sandbags would be necessary with the Mercury 600?
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    2021 RX Sport- Does anyone have one that can give me pros and cons?

    I can’t comment specifically on the RX other than it is a beautiful boat and I would love one but I can comment on the ESP with a Yamaha 300. It’s a blast! I have a 26LXL with ESP and a 300. Fully loaded with gear and 3 people it will still do 44+ (my dealer said they got 47 during their lake...
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    2021 24LX ESP .125 300HP What to Expect WOT?

    Keep us posted on how things go and what results you see.
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    2021 24LX ESP .125 300HP What to Expect WOT?

    I agree with everyone here. My dealer is “the world’s largest Bennington dealer” and sells tons of boats. I have a 26 LX with the digital 300 and ESP. They did a Saltwater Series II prop on mine They got 47 during prop testing and I hit 45 anyway. After I loaded up the boat and the wind of MN I...
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    Happy Birthday to .................... CHECK IN DAILY !!!!

    Happy birthday CLDave! Hope you have a great day!
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    Yeti Sidekick Dry bags

    Navy appears to be in stock at this time.
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    Powder blue Q

    Did you get a picture?
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    2021 Ridgeline

    I believe you can take your boat to a scale and they could weigh the actual tongue weight as well as the whole unit. Might be worth the peace of mind if you have one near you.