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    Trailering Guides

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    Trailer Guides

    I purchased the boat used with 25 hrs on it. I added them, The trailer manufacturer was not to far from where I keep my boat at and did a road trip to pick them up. They are easy to install and I thought they were reasonably priced.
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    Trailer Guides

    I drive the truck and back it down the ramp and my wife is the one who takes the boat off the trailer and puts it on. I tried using just the inside guides but she was having a little trouble so I added the outside guides and now she gets it on every time now. Some may say over kill but it works...
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    Adjustable Seat Pedestal project.

    Vitiminj: the tape was all the way down and on the lowest setting it is 3“ higher than OEM. Im 6‘4” and was not comfortable sitting that low with the original pedestal. My wife is only 5’4” and needed to be able to see over the console to put the boat on the trailer. No issues with the height...
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    Help with Powering Amp under helm for 2014 21 SLX

    I removed the skirt on mine to instal an adjustable seat pedestal, its pretty easy. 14 ( 9/16 ) bolts held the side skirting on. That will give you access to run wires.
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    Spare tire mount

    I used a spare tire U Bolt and it was able to fit behind the steps of my trailer. it does not interfere with loading and it’s out of the way.
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    What did you name your boat?

    It’s the opposite for us. I’m the Law (31 years) my wife and kids are the Disorder. My daughter helped pick the name she is a fan of the show. She did say we should add (SDU) under it. Special Drinking Unit.
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    Bennington Parts

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    Installed powered sub today

    I did this project this spring on my 2017 24SSRX. I placed my sub in the backseat behind the Captain seat close to the battery. You can run the RCA cable down thru grommet that drops down for the accessories wires that lead to the helm. I placed mine in wire loom for added protection. You then...
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    Adjustable Seat Pedestal project.

    I finally got around to changing my factory fixed height pedestal to an adjustable height one. All holes lined up, no drilling no cutting. The factory pedestal sat too low for me. The lowest setting raised my seat up about 3” which was perfect for me at 6ft 4”. Keep in mind, it is a 3 to 4...
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    This look ok? Taking a long trip...

    Looks good. I would double up on the front top carpeted stops. Add a 2nd 2x4 to the stops carpet them and you are good. That would have it resting against the stops.
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    Swivel Seat base (parts)

    Mr.G I believe it’s Springfield. I’m in the process of trying to find an adjustable seat pedestal. Overton’s also has a 30% off promotion code (Waterfun30)