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    Didn't get a I need one

    2017 21SLX with Twin Ellipticals, strakes and wave tamer. 115 Evinrude In marina slip with marina storage so no trailer ever needed. Things are changing and I need a trailer for it. I need the measurement between the centers of the elliptical toons. This will be a shorter measurement than all...
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    Trouble with Garmin Striker 4

    That sounds good, scubadad. It sure seems like a transducer issue. We don't trailer our 'toon since it has a marina slip. But I'll get it checked if I have to swim to do it!
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    Trouble with Garmin Striker 4

    Hi folks, Just recently took delivery of my 21SLX. All is well except the Garmin Striker 4.  It stops reading depths and just blinks the last depth reading if I go past about half throttle.  I have spent a couple hours with the manual and the settings. I have searched the internet...