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    Happy Birthday to .................... CHECK IN DAILY !!!!

    Thanks guys. You're killing me. I am so old. I so wish I had more time to be on this forum and help the crew and and newbies out. Still loving the Bennington. She's a great boat. Might be time for an upgrade, but I'm not looking at any other brand. Miss you all very much Todd
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    22SSX w/Twin Ellipticals - Approximate Top Speed?

    you should be in the low 30's with that set up. I've got the 2275 RCW with twin elips strakes / waveshield and 150 Pro XS and run 40. Maybe he wasn't using Trim properly, logs are dirty, wrong prop, etc.. My guess is the prop is wrong. Pitch is good at 15, but with a diameter of 11, that's...
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    Looks like I'm upgrading

    I was part of first members of this forum back in 2011 and was a member before I even put money down on my 2011 2275 RCW. After the 6 years on the water, my better half found something she'd rather have.  Don't worry, its still a Benny,.  So we left the Detroit boat show today and we have 2...
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    Bennington Owners Age

    I can't compete.  I'm 45 now. Bought my first Benny when I was 40 Todd
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    playpen cover leaking in heavy rain

    Noticed during heavy rains as of late, my 2275 RCW from the rear gate the teak floor in the aft is saturated in water (ie squishy standing water). I've cleaned it with soap and water and have sprayed 303 on the inside and outside of the cover in this area.  The rest of the play pen carpet is...
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    scratches on toons

    I have one from tuffskinz
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    Awesome night on the bay
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    sunset on Saginaw Bay
  9. Benny at rest

    Benny at rest

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    Finally got the oxidation off the tubes.
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    Finally got the oxidation off the tubes.
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    scratches on toons

    I got this from our forum many years ago.  I thought it was a great idea but never got around to adding to my existing cover.  Would still love to do this to keep the faux teak clean. Todd
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    New Boat... no time to post pics till now...been on the water!

    beautiful boat.  Congrats.  And now its all legal (with pics posted!!!)
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    Son of a @#$%^&

    Thank you all for the advice.  Very good things to try for sure.  I will look at it closely this weekend. His one buddy was setting in the boat and the other kid was in the water and went to open the door to get a pop and the kid on the boat kicked the gate shut and that's how it popped out...
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    How old are you, and still ski?

    I just turned 45.  My cousin's and I (46, and 48) slip the ski on once a year.  We've been doing it since we all came home from college in the mid 90's Great topic! Todd