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    Rhino Boat Lift

    Hi, I am thinking of purchasing a boat lift and the boat dock manufacture is recommending a Rhino Lift L-Arm system from Rhino Marine Systems. Just checking if anyone has one or knowledge of this product? My research so far is only on their Web sight and looking at one already installed on the...
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    Trolling Motor

    I forgot to add I think that most 12v only have around max 55lbs thrust. 24v motors have 70lbs+ thrust which makes a world of difference in efficient maneuverability in only a light winds on a tritoon. I use my boat primarily for fishing...
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    Trolling Motor

    Over the years I have both 12v and 24v on both pontoon/tritoon. The last two trolling motors have been 24v. I currently have a MinnKota Powerdrive iPilot 24V 60" shaft and would highly recommend a 24V on a tritoon. Takes a little more to move a tritoon around efficiently especially in some wind...
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    Fishing in Destin Fl in Chotawhatchee Bay
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    Fishing in Destin Fl in Chotawhatchee Bay

    All Thanks for your inputs. We want to spend several days fishing and on the water so renting is like Tin Diesel states, even one day is expensive let alone all week. From what I can tell beaching the boat at some of the nice beach areas is also possible. I found a 3 Bedroom condo with a boat...
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    Fishing in Destin Fl in Chotawhatchee Bay

    Hi, I am thinking of towing my Bennington to Destin Fl. and doing some fishing cruzing in the Choctawhatchee Bay the last week of April. I have never been in the area. Is using a 22' tritoon in the Bay OK? Is the water there more like a lake in term of the waves? Any suggestions on places to...
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    Engine Hours

    It's a rough life, but somebody has to do it :)
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    Engine Hours

    LOL, thanks Semperfi8387. Good catch, typeO should be Sept 2017o_O
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    SPS with 150 HP performance

    I have a 2018 22SFXAPG; 150 Yamaha; SPS; Reliance SDS 14.5 X 15 prop. Get 38 - 40 top end with 1-2 adults, 1/2 - full tank gas. Love it...
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    We have had a lot of rain on the east coasts the past few weeks. Had a few nice days though to remember
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    Had 4th of July fire works on the Kerr Lake the 21st of july at Lake Fest. Hundreds of boats watching from the water.