Fishing in Destin Fl in Chotawhatchee Bay


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Kerr Lake, Clarksville, VA
Hi, I am thinking of towing my Bennington to Destin Fl. and doing some fishing cruzing in the Choctawhatchee Bay the last week of April. I have never been in the area. Is using a 22' tritoon in the Bay OK? Is the water there more like a lake in term of the waves? Any suggestions on places to rent that has a boat slip?
Are you going from fresh water to salt water, and does that make a difference for short term?
Instead of towing 600+ miles, why don't you rent a boat in Florida?
Instead of towing 600+ miles, why don't you rent a boat in Florida?

Reading this over my morning coffee, so I looked at local pontoon boat rentals in the area:
$481 for 8 hours, 10am to 6pm. Unknowns would be quality of the boat, size of engine, restrictions on where you can go. There's also the schedule constraints... you're on their schedule not yours. Precludes sunrise fishing or sunset cruises.

Regarding the bay and the water, if I assume it is similar to Galveston, wide and shallow, with the prevailing winds out of the South, then it will obviously be subject to weather at the time. Galveston Bay can get pretty choppy but I've seen toons heading out into it.

We have been tempted to take ours over to Orange Beach Florida. My concerns are the impact of saltwater, particularly on my trailer. Also, one big issue to be concerned about is where do you park it overnight! I've spent a lot of time looking for safe parking areas.
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Have taking my 22 sps saltwater edition in the Gulf of Mexico. All depends on the wind, can get very choppy. I'm sure that goes for anywhere.
Thanks for your inputs. We want to spend several days fishing and on the water so renting is like Tin Diesel states, even one day is expensive let alone all week. From what I can tell beaching the boat at some of the nice beach areas is also possible. I found a 3 Bedroom condo with a boat slip right on Destin Harbor so I am set. I found a secure place for the trailer as well. Its a bit pricey at $20/day, but the choices are limited. So even spending to store the trailer and probably 35-40% more gas to tow the boat is still going to be worth having my boat there for the week. I have been looking at many Youtube videos showing plenty of Pontoons in the Bay. As suggested going into the Gulf will greatly depend on the wind on any given day and may not even go there. I think with Choctawhatchee Bay being 30 miles long and over 4 miles wide in many places up to 45 feet deep with many structures for fishing will keep us busy. I have a galvanized trailer so hopefully dropping the boat in/out once and a quick rinse should not do any harm. When I get home at the end of the week I will give everything a good pressure washing.