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    Rental Boats

    I would buy a private owned over a rental, I think this off season there will be a nice selection of year old boats.
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    Intermittent power

    Sounds like a loose ground
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    Favorite furniture layout & Why

    This is the layout we went with plus we added a table mount in the back to move the table in the back.
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    175 vmax on a 23 LSB SPS. The odd duck motor?

    Loaded its 5500 rpm at 36-38mph light load is 5900-6000 rpm 40-41mph. The last few times out it seemed on the lower side of the mph for each load but I think I need to clean the growth off my toons. I leave it in the water for the season.
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    175 vmax on a 23 LSB SPS. The odd duck motor?

    I have a sx23 premium with the SPS package with a Vmax 175. Loaded with 6 people in windy conditions I was at 38 mph and had more throttle to go. I had to stop because my Lilly pad floating mat on the bow flew up. I'm just 5 hrs into my break in. I think I'll be in the 44 mph range with a light...
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    Waterless car wash

    Anyone use waterless car wash to wash their fences on a boat that is in a slip? If yes, was it effective and what brands do you recommend?
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    New Bennington owner questions

    Thank you I will see if I can order one.
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    New Bennington owner questions

    Is this something you bought or did it come with your boat?
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    New Bennington owner questions

    I received my new 2020 23sx bennington this weekend. Two questions: I have a flush mount Simrad screen with the yamaha connection, is there an hour meter? I couldn't find an hour meter in any of the settings and there isn't any other guages on the boat. Also do they normally come with a screen...
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    Bennington Flag and Flagpole Dinensions

    You are correct. Have a safe and great season, I'm sure we will be crossing wakes at some point
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    Bennington Flag and Flagpole Dinensions

    I don't have dimensions but here is my factory installed flag and holder
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    The loss of my best friend

    Sorry for your loss!