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    Best trailer around MN

    I purchased a YachtClub trailer from my Minnesota dealer and have been very happy with it. Initially the tires were not balanced causing some vibration, but they paid to have that fixed. Very solid trailer. I noticed some of the newer trailers have the "bed liner type" spray protection which...
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    Adding drain holes in seat compartments ?

    I would think the correct way is to add a drain fitting with a small hose to direct the water down along the skirt of the pontoon. Drilling a only a hole would seem to increase the risk of water spraying into the compartment, especially at certain speeds. Just my opinion. Still seems strange...
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    Adding drain holes in seat compartments ?

    Most high-quality fishing boats have better designs to keep the water out. My old boat never had a problem in 20 years. Year one with Bennington and my tools rusted.
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    Water in storage under seat

    Thanks Potomacbassin. I might try hanging out inside while a water hose is sprayed on top to see if it is something obvious.
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    Water in storage under seat

    Thanks for all the responses. The dealer has responded that "the cover is made to protect the pontoon from the sun and dust. It is not a water proof cover. It is made to breath. They do make products you can spray on their to help repel water but not water proof. I would start using a product...
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    Water in storage under seat

    Water is coming in someplace from cover, down the seat into the compartment. Enough water to soak life jackets and pool at the bottom. Enough water that it would take multiple towels to clean-up, not including what is being absorbed by life jackets. We have to take the life jackets out...
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    Water in storage under seat

    Hello, I have 2019 22 GSR and I use the factory cover and Sea Legs (Ultra Legs). No lift. When it rains, I get water in storage area under the seats resulting in the life jackets getting wet. I am worried about mold. Is this normal? I don't understand how the water is getting in through the...
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    Water/Condensation obscuring gauge.

    I have same condensation issue. But then again, my 2019 boat cover leaks. I am beginning to think that it is intended to leak and more of a dust cover. Frustrating. Makes you wonder what will be impact down the road. Bad design and limited options on both cover and gauges.
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    Electric Bemini Top

    I have a 2019 GSR without power Bimini. Tried to use cover from same boat but one that had power and the cover had much larger holes for power unit. Not sure if that is on all units, but my situation had different cover cutouts.
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    Ultra Legs/Sea Legs - Remote control advice

    I just picked up the Bluetooth adapter to use my phone with Ultralegs. Now I just have to avoid dropping my phone in the lake at the dock!
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    Captains Seat Adjustment Lever

    My seats don’t go up and down, just forward, back, and rotate left - right.
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    I had a problem with a life jacket with a decal the melted into the fabric while the pontoon was covered in hot sun. Hopefully this help others avoid my situation.
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    Mooring cover too tight

    On option is to check seat height. Depending on model, high back co-Captain chair recline position will make a difference. I have a 2019 22GSR and it is also very tight, almost to the point of not having much slope for the water to rain off. Not sure why, you can’t use it when trailering, and...
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    Yamaha Motor

    Would the 200 require different steering / or an upgrade?
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    Stand alone canopy

    Hello Michiman, is your cover not very tight? I get water accumulation if it isn't tight in certain areas.