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    Securing fenders

    I had trouble losing a couple fenders with these plastic hangers so I added a small piece of plastic to the underside. After the clip is on the rail I just swing the added piece under the rail . The screw is reasonably tight so that there is enough friction to keep it from moving but easy...
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    The loss of my best friend

    Sorry ,I haven’t been on the site much Lately It’s never an easy time losing these friends.. Dogs are not our whole lives but they make our lives whole!
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    Adjustable Seat Pedestal project.

    Wow ,thats too bad. Must be configured differently than ours.
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    Jack plate

    I am not sure where the water intake is on other brands but on the Evinrude they are well below the anit ventilation plate . When I have the jack plate at the highest 7” position the anti-ventilation plate is just below the waterline. #10 on diagram.
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    Adjustable Seat Pedestal project.

    I bought and installed an adjustable seat post last year. I removed the trim piece that runs the length of the boat between the deck channels and the tube on the helm side. I used locking pliers to hold the nuts below the deck and was able to do it myself. I am getting quite comfortable...
  6. Saskatchewan sunset

    Saskatchewan sunset

  7. Lake fun !

    Lake fun !

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  9. Quiet time

    Quiet time

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    Jack plate

    I haven’t had any heating issues. The Evinrude has water intake right at the point on the lower unit. Our water lake temp gets to 80F I don’t get any spray back either
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    Jack plate

    It’s only paint ! . I added another image From below the water line,
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    Jack plate

    No issues so far . We bought a Magnum standard with a 4” setback. It is working great. Our soul purpose for the JP was shallow water ,especially docking. The Magnum raises 7” and now I have no trouble steering At the dock. I have tried it at moderate speed but it starts to have cavitation ...
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    Underwater lights on toons

    The lights still are working great ! Here is the link
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    Jack plate

    Our dock is in about 18” of water and the boat drafts 12” so there is not much steering control with the outboard tilted at 45 degrees. I purchased a Powrtrans Magnum jackplate . It has an sealed electric actuator and allows 7 “ vertical lift which should help a lot in the shallow water. I...