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    Choosing the right anchor (

    And no chain required and only need a scope one 2-3:1
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    Choosing the right anchor (

    I have found that the easiest anchor to use and best working anchor by far is the small box anchor. Check out the website and you will be convinced. I converted two of my boating friends just this past summer.
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    Color Change

    The black looks great. That's what we have and surprisingly we did not find it too hot. What material did you go with? Looks nice!
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    Unusual Deck Stain

    Yes, there have definitely been other posts on this matter and I believe the floors were replaced under warranty. Check the other posts out.
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    am fm antenna

    search "A Partial Solution to my bad radio reception." It's a thread I started a year ago. My antenna still is working fairly well, although we use bluetooth more than not.
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    New pontoon owners!

    THAT does not look right!! Need to get that fixed before you have a toon full of water!
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    Very nice. Is the SeaDek applied directly to the seagrass flooring? I would like to put that on my swim platform behind my 25Q IO. I bought my boat off showroom floor, but wanted the faux teak on the swim platform but dealer said it could not be applied after market due to the non-skid surface...
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    Carl Wagner (CWAG911)

    Oh gosh, sorry to hear this. Thoughts and prayers, of course.
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    Today's the Day

    She's a beauty!! Congrats and enjoy!!
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    I too love the shirt!! BTW. Is that what WOT looks like in a 20 HP boat in that picture with your better half at the helm?? ;)
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    Wake damage on my 2018 SSRX

    The large cruiser is supposed to be responsible for its wake. Of course its difficult in that situation for the owner of the cruiser to accept responsibility for repairs on your boat.
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    First ride of the year.

    Yeah, I hear nobody goes there nowadays, it's too crowded! quote a master of quotable quotes, Yogi Berra!
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    Wave damage

    Unfortunately, we see a lot of damage to pontoons very similar to yours down here at the Lake of the Ozarks with all the big cruisers that belong in the ocean and not on an inland lake! My brother-in-law had similar damage the first year in his brand new Premier. It is the primary reason I...
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    Would You Buy an I/O Again?

    We are very happy with our IO. I've not heard of having a heater in an IO. Interested in cost benefits. Is it an electric heater? If so, what if the electricity goes out either on the dock or just due to a bad winter storm? It sounds intriguing but I would be worried. On the other hand, our...