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    Carl Wagner (CWAG911)

    Rest In Peace, Kind Sir. There are a lot of great people on this forum, and many I have treasured as friends. We joked, and poked fun at one another, but most of all we helped one another. In my eyes, Carl will always be the Captain of this Bennington Family, as he was always there to lend a...
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    New member - A couple questions on options

    I just had this conversation with my BIL Sunday. As I was at a wedding in Southern Iowa and talking about the ubiquity of folks with no teeth or black crooked teeth (we call it meth mouth). And we clearly stated that in EVRERY state there are pockets of hick-a-billies. So yes I 100% agree with...
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    New member - A couple questions on options

    Even though I had a horrible experience on LOTO, I would go back in a heartbeat and if I could, I'd buy a house down there. Been awhile...
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    Outdoor Cover try this thread. This one was made as a travel cover. But you could go with lighter material to get you what you want. If it is a stationary cover you could have it designed to cover down to the side rails and over the...
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    New member - A couple questions on options

    Depends on where you're buying. But if you are mainly going to boat on LOTO, They typically will bump you up in toon gauge. Things may have changed but when I bought mine I had them go with a thicker gauge toon. I think the standard in '14 was .08 and they would bump it up to .1. Not sure if...
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    Express tube question

    I had a giant "helicopter" snake plop out of my transom hole. Thanks to photophucket I don't have the photo anymore.
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    My marinas bird problem, and my solution

    Just be careful not to shoot holes in the roof above your boat! Nothing worse than trying to rest in a gentle rainfall and you're getting water-boarded.
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    Front cover for trailering?

    No issues. It helps that the the painted surface is behind the railing, don't know if it would rub the anodized railings. But it was pulled pretty snug. I was more worried about the rubbing the furniture, but I had no issues there either.
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    Covering the table pedestal base
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    My marinas bird problem, and my solution

    I loved my covered slip. On those rainy days that you have nothing better to do than sit and wait for it to stop raining. You can sit on your boat (or clean it). It's also nice to have when cleaning or resting and not have the sun beating down on you. As for those little rats with wings, they...
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    Front cover for trailering? try this thread
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    First Bennington Pontoon Purchase

    I'm curious. Is 115 a restricted lake size no motor bigger than 115 allowed? Like on Lake Macbride it's a 9.9 restricted (nothing bigger than a 9.9 is allowed on) between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Before and after it is no wake speed but any size motor. The reason I ask is resale (and...
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    First Pontoon: 2018 Bennington 23SSBXP....Can't Wait!

    Whenever someone is talking about sealegs I remember this guy and his tower with a 350. If memory serves he traded the boat in for something different he was so disappointed.
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    Front cover for trailering?

    Pics in my gallery. I wanted the same thing and my tent and awning guy talked me out of it. Said there is a ton (and I agree) of wind hitting the front. so whatever you use to brace had better be strong. I went with the cover wrapped around the rails and left the deck open. When pulling long...
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    Road trip with a pot of gold at the end...

    I think you're referring to Derrick...and I'll take that as a compliment. Below is the thread.