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    Battery Message

    Hard to tell from the pictures but my guess is the one with the inline fuse is for your power steering.
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    Mercury power steering - SOLVED

    I am going to keep this post short as I am out of town and do not have my laptop but wanted to respond as I can totally relate to your frustration. trouble shooting was all done on our own after several shots of whiskey fueled frustration to ensure another family vacation wasn’t ruined...
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    Adding drain holes in seat compartments ?

    I've been thinking about doing the same! I pulled 2.5 gallons of water out of my bow/stern seat last week when the big storms ripped through the north east here.
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    23' Bennington Owners input

    I have the SPS+ with a Merc 200 V6 propped with the enertia 15x15. Hole shot is absolutely amazing, top end speed is not where I want it to be based off of what I have read (max 39mph) but it is enough for what we do. As many say on the forum, you will never complain about having too much HP...
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    New boat... Accessories time!

    For kids (and adults) a floating island is a must! Do yourself a favor and skip buying the foam ones that are super popular on the water - they take up way too much room. We have a mission one and love it - and they are actually on sale right now now at a great price...
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    Win Win

    If I had to guess that looks like Indian lake in Ohio!? We are at Lake Erie and Alum Creek but have been out on Indian a handful of times.
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    Side/Underwater Illumination

    We are in central Ohio but trailer a lot! The area I have had the most trouble with has been Deep Creek Maryland. Pending the water officer, I got “those are cool lights. Are they factory?” I respond yes, and then get “great, turn them off as they are illegal”. It’s been easy stops as we...
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    Side/Underwater Illumination

    I am stopped by the police every time the lights are on at night, even anchored. The only time we use them now is when we are tied up at our slip. Not worth the headaches of talking to our local patrol, even though they are super nice!
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    Center toon damp, no sir - simple mod!

    I am pulling this from memory but I believe it was around 18 3/8" - do not quote me on this as my boat is in storage for the winter and I can not find any reference to the actual number. Either way, I made it a ridiculously snug fit thinking if some jack wagon came ripping through the marina...
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    Swingback layout

    I have the rail keep that goes right around the seat as it was the only option when we purchased the boat. With a 1 & 3 yr old I am not a huge fan of them being back there when under power as I would prefer to have eyes on them all the time. That being said they do sit back there with their...
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    Xmas gifts

    Just slightly north of $100 bucks (~$150) is a new anchor. We went with a box anchor as we have a mud bottom and let me tell you, this thing holds like no other!! Well worth the money and piece of mind of not having to worry about your boat moving if anchored...
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    Engine Quit, would restart after 15 minutes but stall again with any speed - Solution Found & Misc:

    I may be the black sheep here but if you are required to be on battery 1+2 to ensure you have power to your power steering, are you not hiding an underlying issue? This is me with my lean manufacturing hat on and driving to root cause....
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    Battery drain/charging…?

    I have a 2020 and had similar issues; What I had found out was that my boat was wired incorrectly. With a dual battery set up you should have a distribution panel. If that is correct, you should also have a battery isolator and a switch that only has the option for "on" "off" and "combine...
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    Center toon damp, no sir - simple mod!

    I've heard mixed reviews around sharkhide and to be honest the acid wash was an absolute breeze to do, maybe 30 minutes for all 3 logs. That said, I kind of feel like getting the sharkhide is like throwing money away....Totally my opinion, and I am sure folks will say I am crazy and that it is...
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    Center toon damp, no sir - simple mod!

    I was tired of having damp and moldy life jackets in the center toon so bam wam thank you ma’am and here is what I came up with - yes a piece of wood! But man did it sure make a difference.... So simple but I figured I would still share it as sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. (Or at...