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    23 SSBXP

    the SSBXP is the model S = S Series SB = Swing Back XP = Premium ( don't quote me on the XP, but almost positive that is what it stands for)
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    White marks on the boat seats removal help?

    Agree with RangerMTB5, I get these from time to time and will get my seats wet with clean water and let the sun hit them. As soon as it dries the marks are gone.
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    Rear Trailer Straps

    The 30 seconds it takes to put on straps is worth the piece of mine for me. Literally 30 seconds for both sides using boat buckles.... Boat Buckle
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    Trailer recommendation

    I've had mine for 3 yrs now. I am in Columbus, OH so a couple hours away from Elkhart and had a issue where on the underside of the trailer there was a small section of the frame that was not powder coated. I called them up and told them that I had just bought it, and to my surprise they had...
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    Trailer recommendation

    I have a PMI trailer and love it - best trailer I have owned for any of my boats. They are located in Elkhart, IN so probably not too far from you.
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    Swingback Stereo upgrade help

    I looked on the speakers and didn’t see a model number; Guessing the part-number is on the backside of the speakers. I also looked at my build list and see the speakers as 901089 illuminated kicker speaker upgrade. In searching that number, I got kicker lighted speakers but the grill is...
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    Swingback Stereo upgrade help

    Old audio set up: 2020 SSBXP with KMC45 (stock) head-unit and swingback speakers (kicker light up speakers) New audio set up: KMC4 head-unit, Infinity M4555A amp, Infinity Kappa 1050M 10" sub with custom box placed under rear bench. I wanted to have each set of speakers on separate channels...
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    Swingback Stereo upgrade help

    I am getting ready to add a sub. Did anyone get their hands on the wiring diagram or figure out how the rear swing back speakers are wired? I really hope the cabin speakers are all on one channel and the swing back ones are on a separate as adding an amp will be easy as I want to turn off...
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    Flag Pole

    I would think you could use a rod holder? I bought these off Amazon.
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    350 Verado power steering

    Here is a link to what I found to be issues with Mercury power steering:
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    New 2023 Bennington LX Sport

    I agree, that power bimini sounds like it would last maybe a season at best. Really digging the head light integration, other than that I can't say there is much of a wow factor from previous years.
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    dual. battery set up

    I am old school and take my batteries out in the winter - it is what my grandfather, my dad and I have done, hard to teach an old dog new tricks I suppose..... Batteries/power management seems to be a hot debate, so I guess do what feels right for your situation.
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    dual. battery set up

    Just food for thought. Have you looked into an isolator? It takes all of the guess work and various opinions out of the question. Blue Sea Isolator
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    Battery Message

    Hard to tell from the pictures but my guess is the one with the inline fuse is for your power steering.
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    Mercury power steering - SOLVED

    I am going to keep this post short as I am out of town and do not have my laptop but wanted to respond as I can totally relate to your frustration. trouble shooting was all done on our own after several shots of whiskey fueled frustration to ensure another family vacation wasn’t ruined...