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    Battery drain/charging…?

    I have a 2020 and had similar issues; What I had found out was that my boat was wired incorrectly. With a dual battery set up you should have a distribution panel. If that is correct, you should also have a battery isolator and a switch that only has the option for "on" "off" and "combine...
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    Center toon damp, no sir - simple mod!

    I've heard mixed reviews around sharkhide and to be honest the acid wash was an absolute breeze to do, maybe 30 minutes for all 3 logs. That said, I kind of feel like getting the sharkhide is like throwing money away....Totally my opinion, and I am sure folks will say I am crazy and that it is...
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    Center toon damp, no sir - simple mod!

    I was tired of having damp and moldy life jackets in the center toon so bam wam thank you ma’am and here is what I came up with - yes a piece of wood! But man did it sure make a difference.... So simple but I figured I would still share it as sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. (Or at...
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    Battery Question

    Here is a picture of the rewire work I did. The small leads on the battery are for my on board charger. Everything else is tied into the panel.
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    Love your Pontoon?

    What is the scope and intended outcome of your project?
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    Which ladder is best

    Curved - It is meant for “dad bods” I shouldn’t respond to messages while at the lake house and had a cocktail or ten….
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    20 Hour Checkup - My List of 1st Service Trip Items

    Did you ever check if they wired it correctly?
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    Battery Question

    +1 on Bill N's response - that is how mine was wired. I rewired everything to the distribution panel and everything is working the way it should.
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    Do you cover boat when wet?

    I will put the cover on wet or dry. Crawling under my cover on a sunny day is like stepping into a smelting furnace so even if it is wet under there, it most likely wont be in a day or two. Second thought is, water gets in one way or another on mine so I don't stress about making sure it is...
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    Mercury power steering - SOLVED

    @LaurencetheAdventurer After a week long vacation and more issues including loss of power to the motor I finally figured out the issue! I hope this saves you and others a lot of stress and headaches. In short - the boat was wired improperly and the correct electrical components were not...
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    Mercury power steering - SOLVED

    So I reached back out to my dealer to further understand their logic behind not running on 1+2. The explanation that I received (**this is a translation from the dealer and not my own thoughts on this topic**) was that you can damage your batteries by overcharging them. With an isolator, it...
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    Mercury power steering - SOLVED

    This brings up another interesting convo around which battery to run off of - 1,2 or 1 & 2. I spoke to my dealer and he said never run off of 1 & 2 because there are no isolators in the dual battery set up from Bennington. I ran my previous boat on 1&2 for the life of it and never had any...
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    Mercury power steering - SOLVED

    I certainly will! The last time it happened was right before a trip to Douglas Lake in TN (40 hours ago) and the marina doing the repair said there was air in the lines which caused it to stop working. I think that could be a contributing factor but I am not buying that it was the root cause...
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    Yeti Sidekick Dry bags

    There are a couple Ace hardware stores here in central Ohio and they always have the sidekick bags. The last time I was at my local one they had probably 20 of them - they are solid bags or as my father calls it my “man bag”
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    New Bennington 25 LSB Build

    Tom, great build - I have nearly the same boat! The thing I would recommend, and perhaps I overlooked it on your build, is the rear speakers. We are constantly swimming off the back of the boat and really enjoy being able to hear our music.