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  • Have a quick question about my new to me 2002 257l. When purchased last year it came with a 2007 Honda BF50. This isn’t in my opinion enough to push this beast. I have located a BF115 however it is 300lbs of added weight. Will the Transom be ok with the added weight?
    The second question the dealer says that he needs to go WOT to test the set up for the engine and Prop.
    The Yamaha site tells me to keep it under WOT till I have 10 Hours on the motor. Is this normal?
    Any input would be appreciated.
    Just Bought a New Bennington 21SLX SPS with 150hp Yamaha. I would like to set it up with the right Prop.
    The performance bulletins show the Yamaha Reliance 15x14.5 I believe the Dealer is suggesting a Power Tech or
    a Solas . Looking for some inside into choosing the right Prop.
    hi semperfi. remember me with the dress blues 2016 gbr250? well I'm ready for a new boat. whats the best way to approach the upgrade? do I sell my sweetheart with less than 100 hours and thousands I spent adding to her already loaded comfort or trade it in? how do I find out her worth. the boat is absolutely mint. the 150 Yamaha is more than adequate power and since her birth I added a second bimini. any advice would be greatly appreciated.  
    Sorry, just saw this. Check NADA for values and possibly Craigslist. I traded, lost some potential profit but it was worth it not dealing with tire kickers for however long it would have taken to sell. As for your upgrades, depending what they are, you can probably figure a loss on those, unless the buyer really expected them. If it's possible to remove and reuse, that's what I would do. 
    Hi Why would the Likes This not pop up on all of my posts? Is there a setting for it in my accounts settings ? Any idea?  Thanks ! Jeff
    I have 182 pics from my dealer that was ther over the weekend. Send me your email and I will get them to you.
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