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    Portable Jump Starters 7/22/21 ,Update for 7/25/21

    I’ve had one since we bought the boat. Haven’t had to use it on the boat, but it has come in handy otherwise.
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    Gas Smell - 2012 Bennington R2575 - New Boat owner

    In case you didn't know, SMOKING is VERY DANGEROUS, regardless. Gas smell is not at all normal. Probably need new seals and/or lines. Welcome to the forum.
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    2014 24SCWX

    At the end of the day, it's your money.
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    2014 24SCWX

    That is nearly what I paid for a new 2018 22SSXAPG with a Yamaha 150 in 2018. Too much. And yes--plenty of power. The sweet spot between performance and economy in my opinion.
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    Started this year with a different.....

    My 2002 Tundra struggles a bit with our 2018 22SSXAPG with its Yamaha 150. Will eventually need something newer and more powerful. Watching here for ideas.
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    What temporary floor carpet/towel/anything will NOT get HOT during hot days on the water?

    If you have the budget, SeaDek is the shizzle. My buddy has it on his extremely nice Cobalt, and it just doesn't get hot. I wish I could afford to put it on my Benny.
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    Prepping for Spring Delivery. Need to Buy Stuff.

    As for a boat hook, we have one of these, and there’s none better: The Boat Loop
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    Fenders and Thoughts

    As for the anchor, I have a large galvanized Slide Anchor box anchor and it is exceptional. We have a 22SSXAPG with a Yamaha 150 and the holding power is outstanding. The ability to fold the anchor and the included storage bag are the icing on the cake! Welcome and congratulations!
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    Best option/least needed option for a build

    Necessary: center toon storage.
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    Leaking toon

    That sux. It took them twice to fix my port toon leak also. Fortunately, they got it right the second time.
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    PTM Black Friday 20% Discount

    SUPER happy with my PTM Edge mirror! This is a solid deal.
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    New QX30 twin 450 almost built (I’m fairly certain that ONE of those engines cost more than my entire boat.)
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    Double Bimini Clarification, Please

    OP: If your budget is that tight, why waste money on a zebrawood wheel? It will have exactly zero effect on function and performance.
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    New to boating, 1st Bennington

    Congrats on the new Benny! We've a 2018 SSX22 with a Yamaha F150 and we LOVE it! Happy and safe boating! I second the recommendation for a boating course; too many people out there that don't know the rules of the road, etc.
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    Another consideration when docking and maneuvering on a river is weather helm, and it’s always better to have more HP for that. It was unusually windy on our lake last weekend, and my friend and dockmate, an extremely competent and experienced boater, had difficulty at one point getting his 25’...