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    Best prop for idling/no wake boating?

    Here is a link to determine prop slip: Mine is 6% and yours should be very close if rpms are correct, speed is gps, relatively light load and engine height correct. The numbers you posted above (42 mph) with 7 people...
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    Best prop for idling/no wake boating?

    I have a 2021 23SLX with Yamaha VMax Sho 250, the SPS+ and same prop. I would say don't change a is the perfec t setup. However, I would suggest that you should not trim up as far as you seem to be doing. I am normally at cruise about 1/8 to1/4 up tops. I only go to 3/4 up if...
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    Huge Mistake - Anyway to Fix it?

    I agree with CLDave.....I keep mine in the water and there is a lot of condensation. If I did it again I would not choose it.
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    Fuel consumption 200 vs 250 or 300hp

    Had a 2005 22ft Benny with a 90 Yamaha - nice boat never had any trouble. New boat is a 23 SLX with a 250 SHO and I was surprised that the new boat is more fuel efficient than the old one, although I don't really worry about fuel costs/usuage. As someone said above, it is the cost of fun. Get...
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    Prop Guard Experiences?

    If you are on the Fox Chain in Northern Illinois there are plenty of lake maps. Take it slow and learn the lakes and channels and you'll be fine. Don't be afraid to trim up in "No Wake" zones and channels. Watch others too.
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    Show us your boat! Limit to 3 please.

    Here's mine. 2021 23 SLX with 250 Sho:
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    Bimini Cable Stays

    I have the electric bimini and it came with white plastic coated steel cables (did not cost extra). The cables hook to a 4-hole bracket (you can pick your hole) with a pin which is located about 6 feet head of the electric mechanism. The cable attaches to the top with a SS pelican hook. Use...
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    Washdown & Storage Question

    Greg, there is a bilge pump about 15-18 inches from the back wall so it doesn't pump out all the water. You can remove the black shelves and you'll see it. Mine leaves a good gallon of water in it because of the poor placement of the bilge pump. No drain plug.
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    Washdown & Storage Question

    JLM007, I think it's condensation because I've pump almost every drop out with a drill and small pump attachment and in a week while just sitting I have over a gallon of water again and the hood and walls are full of droplets. Interestingly enough I have a friend with another brand of pontoon...
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    Washdown & Storage Question

    I got my 23 SLX this spring. It has the extended aft deck which I highly recommend. We also have the 250 Vmax and with a 15-3/4 by 15 pitch SWS II prop (the prop Yamaha recommends) and we easily get 46mph with 2-6 people - it is a great engine and pulls hard. However our boat is tied to the...
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    Bilge pump question

    Yesterday I found about 3 inches of water in my in-floor storage/bilge and found out that even with that much water the "auto" feature did not trigger the pump. So I switched the pump to manual and pumped out all but the annoying half gallon or so which Potomacbassin' referred to and which the...
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    Color Selection

    Here's my 23 SLX in Silver/Rossa Red.
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    Midship cleat?

    How about a rope tied to the forward leg of the bimini. Should work for a few minutes while you tie the others. Another idea, I've seen bass boat guys tie to the steering wheel for a couple of minutes while they back their trailer in - might also work for you.
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    Tow mirror mount location

    I have a 23 SLX with an electric bimini and mounted this mirror just forward of the helm and it works fine. It doesn't interfere with the curved bimini nor with the security cables.
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    Gate won't stay in holder, piece at bottom of gate came off

    You should be able to get a replacement part at a dealer.