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    23 LXSB build (its here! W/pics)

    Congratulations!! Wow. What’s the frame work? I’ve ordered double Bimini, looks like you got me beat.. Still waiting. My should be he next month.
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    Production delays II

    I sure hope not! Got a garage full of goodies to load on that boat. Looking to a May delivery on a 22LSAGP..
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    Todays lesson is ....... Check in for good info ....

    Well, I’ve been tieing knots for the past hour.
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    Todays lesson is ....... Check in for good info ....

    Good info.. even if you know, it’s good to review these important tips. Thanks S/F
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    Maui Mat Hauling

    Small price to pay for all those happy faces and memories for them.
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    23 LXSB build (its here! W/pics)

    Congrats!! Still waiting for mine. Should be May sometime.
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    Center pontoon storage

    Center toon gas tank is solid and sealed. Fill on outside of toon. Engine outboard so no fumes to vent like inboard engine.. By the way, we just had a boat explosion for that reason last week here at Smith Mountain Lake, VA. Definitely installing the auxiliary pump though. Delivery scheduled...
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    Fishing pole holders

    Let us know. It looks.........interesting.
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    Fender Hanger Solution

    Ordered those and canceled the order when I saw these. Don’t have my Benni yet, but I tried them on my fenders. Knot at the end of the line, adjust height and snap in to groove.
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    Center pontoon storage

    I agree like I said in the beginning I’m fortunate to have a covered slip. Boat out of the water and I will open and turn on my soon to be delivered 12v fan. I just don’t like folks coming out of the water, errant waves, squalls, or a sudden shower that would make Noah’s flood seem like a...
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    New 2021 catalog

    Personally disappointed. Compared to to 2020 with all model floor plans this has none. If I was planning on ordering from the catalog, my boat which is on order, isn’t even listed. Just my opinion.
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    Chain for Box Anchor?

    I had no idea what you were talking about! So, I Googled box anchor. Try it. Definitions with pictures and YouTube channel suggestions. Hope it helps.
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    Center pontoon storage

    Talked to Bennington customer service and mine will be solid. If not they’ll replace it. Fingers crossed.
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    Center pontoon storage

    I was told by different dealers of different boats that the slats are for air circulation to stop mold. One dealer told me this at his outdoor lot. I mentioned if it didn’t have holes you wouldn’t have moisture or mold. We naturally wanted to see the storage and what a mess. Boat cover...
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    Informational video: Quick clip use and removing, stowing, opening and covering easily.

    Semper Fi brother,Thank you for the video. I actually look forward to covering and uncovering my boat each use. Something I did not do with my SeaRay.