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    Prop type and size for Yamaha 300

    I just changed to a saltwater series 15.5 x17P prop. The one that was on the boat was a 14.25x17P Difference is night and day. Since putting new prop on the miles per gallon does not go below 2.4 Before I say 1.4-1.7 a lot. The top RPM on 100 degree day outside Houston was 5500, where...
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    PSA on center tube storage

    When I was playing around looking at the toons, I found a plug at the back on the top of the outside tubs. If the back of the outside toons were under water and if the plugs did not seal perfect, then there is a possibility that you have water in one or both outside toons. As to best way to...
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    Prop type and size for Yamaha 300

    Getting a boat dialed in can be a big project between raising the motor up a notch or two and finding the right prop. Finding a place that will let you try different props is a challenge. Two different props can have the same specs but more cup on one can make a big difference. Also being...
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    New Bennington Owner in 2022 - Boat Hoist Questions

    My theory is you can never have too much Horsepower, Lift with enough weight capacity, or a big enough shop
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    Prop type and size for Yamaha 300

    My guess is most dealers do not care about boat performance I had asked dealer about engine height and prop and his answer was they did what the factory suggested. I do not know about the spec on the 3 blade prop I have and can not see now that the boat is on a lift and water is too cold to...
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    CG question.

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    Single or double bimini Houston

    I have just gotten one with the double but have not put them up yet since so late in the season. I do have a friend that has a 2010 Benny that we have been out with him a lot since he got it and it is very nice for everyone to be in the shade. I do not think you will go wrong. You do not have...
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    CG question.

    The boat lift installer came, checked the cables and agreeded I had it very close at 44%. He now gets to move the lift forward since the back is hanging out.
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    mounting question for twin outboards

    Watching the motors move from side to side, facing each other or away from each other and going from forward to reverse when operating the joy stick is amazing. My guess is they need a little more angle out then in when working with the joy stick. Might try to find the install manual for the...
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    Prop / Power Slippage: Comes & Goes, Reverse seems to Reset It

    I am not sure what prop you have but a lot of them have a rubber between the hub and the prop. The reason for this is instead of tearing up a prop shaft or internals of the lower drive this rubber will let the prop give. Some will only show up when under heavy load and then slip, some make...
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    Hydraulic Steering Lock to Lock 2016 model

    Last week we got a new to us 2016 2550 QSR with a300 HP Yamaha engine. This is my first pontoon boat in owning a boats for the last 47 years and they all have been performance boats. I am having a hard time with this pontoon being responsive with it taking 5 full turns to go lock to lock...
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    CG question.

    I was trying to find the cog by putting the boat at the 34% mark, when trying to squeeze the two cable together at the front and then the back, the front cables seemed very hard to squeeze together compared to the back ones. I then tried 40% and felt better but still felt cog was farther...