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    Proper Size of Dock Line for 20' Toon

    3/8" is fine, the quality of the line is more important I bought this to use on my dock - They have different colors as well. I leave them tied to my dock with some slack to use...
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    New Qx25

    Pros: Speed Cons: Gas :)
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    Isaias - Lake Wallenpaupack, PA

    You guys were on the west side of the storm so got most of the rain. My boat is on Lake Hopatcong in NJ, the center of the storm pretty much went over us. We got a combo of rain and wind. My boat was ok, had 4 lines on it with enough slack in case the lake rose. I saw on Facebook in a local...
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    So I bought me second Bennington, This one has the Yamaho SHO, it is so loud we cannot talk when underway.

    Is it just loud at idle or anytime under way? I have a Merc Four Stroke, I know the Pro XS versions are a bit louder at idle, but not much more under way.
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    boat in quarentine

    This should be an "essential" business to get out and relieve some stress and do some social distancing. I'm in NJ and my boat is also sitting at the marina indefinitely at this point.
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    Starboard Gate

    That's sound interesting, I'll try to remember to remind you in the spring to post a picture. Thanks
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    Starboard Gate

    Thanks for the responses!
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    Starboard Gate

    Backing in would be tricky as the shore line is right at the end of the dock and gets shallow really quickly. I think the motor would bottom out.
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    Starboard Gate

    On my previous pontoon (non Bennington), I had 4 gates and it was very convenient for docking and loading/unloading off any side of the boat. It seems most pontoons now-a-days rarely have a starboard gate. The dock space I rent ties to the boat on the starboard side. I found it super easy...
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    Purchase advise 22-SSRXP

    Is anyone running the Mercury Pro XS? That would give you a V8 at 200HP vs the Four Stroke series V6 200 HP model. The Pro XS seems a bit louder from most videos I've watched, more of a hot rod sound versus the quiet Four Stroke series. I wonder how much a torque difference there is between the...