raised helm

  1. T

    Raised helm or not YES or NO

    I've seen all kinds of posts about the raised helm, I think most are in favor of the raised helm. I would like to see a simple yes/no vote and just a very simple answer why they chose yes/no. I'm hoping this vote thing will allow that I ordered my QFB without the raised helm due to the dealer...
  2. Kells

    Bubble / Pocket in Helm, finish caved in! Anyone else seen this? (pics)

    Hello All, So I was detailing the helm with the marine wax and what at first glance I thought was a bug, ended up being something much worst! I noticed a 1/4" hole in the helm, and the finish or layer of the helm that was caved in, is sitting inside of the hole.  It does not go through to the...