salt water

  1. Mdp228

    Ocean pontoon boating

    Good afternoon. Well it’s 95 degrees here in RI and I’m daydreaming of being out on the water next season. I have been boating for over 10 years (gave it up when the kids were born) now looking forward to getting back out on the water with family and friends. I have owned 2 boats. A 22’...
  2. M

    Experiences at sea - Vineyard Sound (East Falmouth to Martha's Vineyard)

    Hi all, Just want to add some of my experiences so far with running from East Falmouth to Martha's Vineyard. Prior to buying my 23SXP / 200hp (salt water edition) last year, I was looking for insights from owners in New England on their experiences running over to Martha's Vineyard. At that...