1st time Bennington owner

Good morning, bought a 2018 21 SL yesterday, upgraded to a 90 HP Yamaha. Any advice for this first time Bennington Pontoon Owner?

Read this site front to back. Welcome.
Welcome to the forum and to the world of Bennington. You are going to love your boat. Advice, not sure where to start. Goldnrod had some good advice as this forum has lots of great information. Ask any specific question you may have and someone is sure to have an answer. If you are a new boater take a boater safety course and post pictures of your new boat.
Congrats and welcome. Help is on the way! One rule, although it might not be the first, is to enjoy. As mentioned... share the pics. We love those!
Welcome to the forum. As stated before, if new to boating. Please take the boaters course,even if your granfathered in because of your age. Enjoy learning on your new boat and be careful.
Welcome aboard. You've already passed the first lesson. Buy the boat BEFORE we help spend your money.... :D but don't be surprised, that you may get infected with PADS fairly quick after perusing the forum over the winter ..... ;)
Oh yeah, post up some pics or it ain't true .... o_O
Congrats! Did you order the boat or do you physically have it already?!?
Welcome to the family. You will like it here, and I can pretty much guarantee that you'll love your Benni.
Congratulations on your new Bennington, and welcome to these forums. You wont regret joining the group. Over the past 9 months I have read over all of these forums off and on when time permits. Amazingly informative! Fun loving and knowledgeable forum group!

Now as others said above, pictures or it aint true. ;)
Welcome to the "club"!
I physically own the boat, the company I bought it from is storing it for me this winter. I take delivery in March. I have actually sat in it!
Congratulations on the boat!!

But that’s going to be one loooooong winter! :)