2009 Azure, made by Bennington, not a pontoon, need some information


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Ok, I'll get right to it. I bought an '09 Azure, RL262, made by Bennington, and I'm trying to find specs on it. The toggle gages need replacing, but I cannot read them to know what to order. I also need to find out where to order new cockpit dash pieces, as well as a gage panel. I've tried everything, but all searches bring me back to Bennington pontoons, but my boat is a full fiberglass bottom boat. Thank you for any help in trying to find information, wiring specs, draft depth, replacement parts, OEM parts, and perfect fit after market parts.
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Finding information much less replacement parts for bennington/azure glass deck boats is becoming pretty difficult. Mine is a 2004 rl210. Many (newer) bennington pontoon owners aren't even aware that bennington ever made glass boats.

My suggestion would be to try looking to Southwind boats. I think that the hull molds for the old bennington glass deck boats might have wound up in the hands of Southwind. At least the hulls look remarkably similar. Whether parts/specs are the same might be another story. And no telling if parts from Southwind could be interchanged ..... but at least it would get you out of the bennington pontoon endless loop.

There are or used to be a few of the glass bennington/azure boat owners on here. Haven't seen a post in quite a long time however.... glassbenny
Try greatlakesskipper.com