2013 2275 RCW: Upgrade my 150HP to 250HP OR trade-in the boat for a new Bennington?

I wasnt 1st but I did see a bride to be do a face plant from 40 ft . Too much rum punch
I never thought about videos, thanks brings back some memories. By the way I stayed out of the trees .
Maybe the answer is investing in a Sharrow prop. While it probably won’t boost overall speed significantly, it allegedly will improve performance across the board, at much less cost than a new boat or engine. Just a thought…
Not at the rate I damage props......LOL
Have you talked to Yamaha or a dealer as whether you can get more HP out of your 150? I was told somewhere by somebody that the 150’s and 200’s are essentially the same. I don’t remember what they said the difference is. I also don’t know if any of it was true.
Can you add performance lifts to elliptical tubes (if that would help)?
Last, are you running a steel prop and do you have it matched for what you’re seeking (e.g., top end)?
Nizpro Marine now has a tune for the 150hp I4 engine to take it to 197hp. Previously they only had one for the V6. Will certainly void the warranty but if the engine is out of warranty at this point then it's a cheaper way of adding a little speed. Website shows $1700.