22 swingback Cover Extension for exposed back deck area by outboard


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I just bought a used 2018 22 Swingback and noticed after purchase (cover was off during viewing and pickup) that the deck area on either side of the Outboard is exposed to the elements when the cover is on. Has anyone found a purchased add-on or modified their cover to protect these two areas. We leave our boat at the dock all summer and we want to prevent any sun fading of the lighter colored woven vinyl flooring.

I appreciate any pics that you may have addressing this on your boat!
Best option is to find a local canvas shop and have then make bow and stern extensions to your current cover . I am currently looking into this myself
Thank you Jack,
I am lucky enough that the front of the cover extends over the bow area and kind of envision a zipped extension over the back two areas. I bought a Vented TuffSkin motor cover and it works perfectly on the yamaha 115. I would highly recommend a cover like this to keep birds from trying to nest and also from the sun fade that happens in the Northwest. Our previous pontoon had a 50 hp and the paint on top of the outboard started to crack and peel from the exposure.

Thanks again and happy boating, love the upgrade we made!
That cover looks great. Can I inquire what $ range a new custom cover runs? Both the front and rear deck of my pontoon are uncovered and I don’t use a lift. Thanks.
The mooring cover on my old Bennington covered EVERYTHING front and back! Wish they would go back to that!