A cool Benny reel that make me hot for summer


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Mine is scheduled to be launched May 9th .
Nice video. We’re scheduled for May 11th ourselves, so pretty close to your date Jack.

That said, we typically don’t have much opportunity to use it before say the second half of June between weather, schedule's and Mayfly season. But those few days we can in that stretch sure are nice.
All the nice weather we've had and now snow on the ground again. Tru Green was supposed to fertilize next week. That's not happening now .
True Green did our pre-season treatment last week at our cottage. Now it’s got a couple inches of snow sitting on top of it per my security cameras.
I had hoped they would have got my 1st treatment a few weeks ago , but they dont start this year ( up here ) until 3/25 .
Won't be long! Just need a few consecutive warm days to get going. Here in Carolina it's 75 one day then 58 then 65 then back to the mid 70's again! Typical spring for us!
Thought you fell off the face of the earth!
;-) Naw I'm still around, but leaving the heavy lifting to the rest of the team as I regroup and figger out what to do with the next part of my life. Thanks for noticing my absence. Peace.
5 days till splashdown. ;)