Anyone from Tickfaw River, LA area


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Bush, Louisiana, north of Lake Pontchartrain
Hello... I just joined the forum.  I am located in Bush, LA and my first pontoon 2013 Bennington was purchased from someone in Tickfaw. (22sfx).   I have yet to get it wet other than the "sea trial in Lake Pontchartrain.  My maiden voyage will be from the Covington boat launch most likely.  

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Good to see someone from the area even thou it's a pretty long trip from Tickfaw to Covington.

i just decided to come back to the pontoon world a few months ago, I had a pontoon back about 12 years ago and since have been running power boats and cruisers. I will say the pontoons of today are nothing like what I had before, and I thought it was pretty sweet. I had a Fisher triple toon with a 150 optimax that run 32 wide open, burned a ton of gas and oil.

i purchased a 2016 Bennington 2375 RCW with the 300 Yamaha, not a power boat but does pretty good, I have been able to hit 52 with 2 people onboard and minimal fuel, I did come across lake Maurepas last weekend with 11 people onboard and was still able to run 41 mph so that wasn't bad.

have a great day and if you over to the Tickfaw area give me a shout.