Boat Shows Cancelling

Rotax could learn from history. Three decades ago Force outboards and Bayliner boats collaborated on a 2-stroke runabout with a creative I/O outdrive designed to save space within the boat. The crankshaft of the motor was mounted vertically with it’s four cylinders sandwiched between the stern and the rear seat back. The boat was designed around a unique outdrive called the L-drive and only that special drive would fit the boat. The boat/motor was short lived and nowadays people looking for parts are out of luck.
Its probably after an thought for BRP ,Sea-Doo and Ski -doo are their money makers now. Worst part is ,IF this flops is support for the consumer .
Can Am is actually their largest driver of revenue. Marine (Alumacraft, Manitou, Quintrex) is the smallest <10%. For clarification they put the Seadoo switch pontoon thingy under the seasonal powersports not Marine group.

They say they want to grow their marine market share but they're putting a lot of R&D into electrification which be primarily used in their year-round and seasonal powersports offerings. Which I think leaves marine - as you put it Jack - as a continued afterthought for BRP. They had a bad 2022 due to a cyber attack and supply chain issues so it probably just further biases the BOD and executive leadership toward their other products.

To be fair Marine is also <10% of Polaris, but Bennington is still the industry leader and not trying gimmicks to gain market share. Innovation is great and anyone can claim "gamechanger" status but there's a lot more to boat ownership than a new fancy widget. Dealer network, warranty and customer service and overall customer experience still matters!