Boating Memes:

Yikes! When it comes to trailers, I'm convinced that it's not if, but when... :(
Only had one problem with a trailer bearing and it's when we first got our boat back in 2008......Towed the boat about 2 hrs. to our destination. When we got there we noticed that the bearing buddy was hot to the touch. So we decided to wait to put the boat in water. Then the grease started to come out of the excess hole all over the wheel. ALL the grease came out! So after everything cooled down I filled the bearing with the grease gun I brought. Put the boat in the water and had a great day! Drove home and never had a problem after that. Weird........
All of mine are homemade. All natural for you guys!
Glad I’m not the only one who feels like that is the case as well!!
Every time we've been out so far this year it's been so breezy/windy!!!
Apology Form .

I'm going to do a "little" fishing today.
That’s hilarious! No “I’m the captain now”’on our boats!!
Can’t thank my parents enough for preparing me for boating