Changeable panels on fence


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Sacandaga Lake, NY
Wrote this as a response but wanted to copy and paste as a suggestion for Bennington:

Once again I will write that I wish Bennington had a way to replace the panels using the current fence so that you could update the look of your boat with color and graphics. Especially easy to change the color thanks to the monochrome interior. Would also come in handy for those that dent the fences.

Redesigning the fences to accomplish this is a no brainer for me, unless perhaps this would affect the PAD sales as the reason Bennington doesn't do it


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Colleyville, Tx
I like this ideal. Even though we just bought new, doing a refresh of panel change out 4 or 5 years out sounds interesting. I think it would help the brand and the factory plus increase sales all around. Vintage models could get a refresh look a win for all. Hmm, it is all about the cost, and what the factory would have to do"off line" to meet the demand, then cost of shipping to the end user. A friend of mine has a G model with the dent in front (Big waves) and the dealer really had a hard time getting a replacement panel a few years back (a panel that matched anyway)

Or option 2, Go after market, Remove seats and panel yourself, pop out dents if needed, and go to the auto/truck vehicle wrap route locally. Cost savings would be tremendous. Now really, just doing the wrap without all the removal would be even better.

Just saying