Changing Simrad Go7 Transducer and wiring


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Hi all. I have 2 year old LXBR with the factory installed Simrad Go7 chartplotter. It is awesome. My biggest concern is the transducer dangling delicately off the back. It is not a question of if but when it is going to get damaged / hit underwater obstruction. 90 % of our boating is is in 5 ft of water or less. Almost all sand but we explore into some pretty shallow waters to beach and socialize for the day. If the transducer takes a hit or the cable gets damaged it looks like a major undertaking to fish a new cable to the helm. Any one have any thoughts or experience with replacing this cable or possible splicing into the old one?? I have the complete under belly plating and wave tamer system on my boat.
I have the same setup. I understand your concern. However your lower unit on your motor is lower! I would be more worried about that. Also you may want to go slower in shallower water. You more than likely will be raising your motor and just being more careful anyway. One thing to take a look at is where the transducer sits when the boat is all the way on the trailer. I have mine sitting aft of the bunks so if the boat is at an angle pulling it onto the trailer it won't hit the bunks. I moved the front stop back on the trailer to accomplish this. I also have elliptical tunes but I don't think it makes a difference. If you get no speed indication drop outs on the Simrad at speed you may need to lower the transducer, I did. Mine is about 1/2 way in the holes. Good Luck.
I’ve had a transducer on 3 toons now going on 13 years. Beach all the time. Never touched/damaged one. I go in 12-18” of water many times fishing.