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Is anyone using a Classic Boat Floater lift in a 20' wide slip for a Bennington tritoon? If so, how are you protecting the toons from the possibility of hitting one the pitman arms? - Thanks
This is from their website.

You will own your Boat Floater lift for 30 years or more so we make it easy to adapt to a vee bottom boat, pontoon or tritoon boat, tunnel hull boat or inboard boat. More capacity may be added by adding a tank.

I would call them.
Yes, I did see this on their website and contacted local dealer to see about getting parts/components to do the conversion. After they talked to the manufacturer, I was then told a conversion would not work, that I needed to purchase a new lift. Their reason was that there would not be enough room between the pittman arms where you could potentially hit one of the arms with a toon. There is a little over 9' between the pittman arms and you would think all that is needed are some guides to keep toons away from the arms. Go figure, think they are just trying to sell me a new lift.
When we bought our house, there was a Hydrohoist lift that was used for a 34' offshore boat. The Hydrohoist looks similar to the Boat Floater lift. I had 2 lift companies look at it for conversion and after much research, measuring etc on their part they both said it just wouldn't work for a tritoon. I have a new lift coming in March designed for a tritoon. So, from my experience I'm thinking they may be right and you do need a new lift. I sold my old lift on Craigslist.7B1ED433-D3D7-4972-BD11-77983C746779_1_201_a.jpeg
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I sold a lift 2 years ago on Craigslist myself. If it comes to that, it worked well enough for me. Since it was a very nice lift and only three years old, I was able to sell pretty quickly and recover most of my money. Not all, but most. Good luck with however it plays out.
Looks like I'm in the same boat, will have to replace my Classic Boat Floater with a new lift. Too bad, initially thought I had someone lined up to do the conversion, but there is just not enough space between the pitman arms to support a conversion. Will give Craigslist a try to sell the current lift. Thanks