Cost of Sandblasting Pontoons - Ocean City MD area


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This year in the Indian River, Isle of Wight Bay, Assawoman Bay and Sineupuent Bay we ended up with a very large amount of undergrowth (barnacles, etc.) on our pontoons. Has anyone in this area received a quote for sandblasting the pontoons? Interested in getting an idea of the cost. Thanks!
I've done a lot of sandblasting and there's no way I'd try it on a pontoon log, the material is too thin and most blasting media is way too aggressive. Soda blasting or crushed walnut shells is common media for soft material but I wouldn't even trust that, the risk of a ruined boat is way too high.
Okay so in the future would it be best for Slainte to get his pontoons bottom painted after he gets them clean so the barnacles won't attach themselves? Curious.......
I boat in the Indian River Bay, however I have the bottom of the pontoons painted. The do get some growth on them sitting in the water all summer. I have been very successful getting that off with pressure washing. I would be afraid to sandblast that aluminum. The bottom paint works fine.