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I have 2016 Bennington and I have replaced 6 seats due to separation at the center seam. I have talked to 2 dealers & nobody has been able to get me a cause & more importantly a permanent solution. Any thoughts?


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Welcome! Same seat each time ? Warranty right? Do you cover you boat ? Members will have some ideas.
If that were my boat it'd be because the kids are stepping all over the seats and treating it like a trampoline.

Not sure if that's simtex or other material but I would think like anything else UV + extreme temps + lots of use = potential for tearing. I hope these have been replaced under warranty and perhaps Bennington can advise additional care tips to prevent future tears.
Yes warranty has been great but expires in 2024 and if problem persist it will be on my dollar so I want to get this resolved. I have 2 new seats on order again!
My kids are 30 yrs old (not jumping around) and we keep it covered every night. Not sure what to do!
Where are the seats located? How do you clean the seats?
Certainly seems to be a head scratcher but having had to replace six seats, it’d be my guess that it’s a bad batch of vinyl. I’ve got a 2016 as well with none of those issues. I’d be pretty confident that the new seats will be just fine.
I am having the same issue with one cushion across from the helm. I am no longer under warranty. Any suggestions on repair?
Hi All - Just pushing this to the top again for any advise. I also have some photos of my cushion. Any thoughts on how to repair?


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Had similar issues with my 2014. Warranty replaced the seats and I’m hoping to sell before they crap out again.