Diving boards


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Curious as to who has diving boards or who has used them in past…I am between the lillipad and the launch pad diving boards…pros and cons with either? A friend of mine has lillipad and it’s seemed to sag a bit with me on it at 230lbs but kids loved it and looks nice…launch pad is a little wider board and shocks are in middle of board. Both seem to look nice but was gonna check the consensus of other owners. I see nothing online comparing the two
I am not familiar with the Launch Diving board, but after checking out their website, it looks like a great option. It does look more robust in regards to springs/shocks beneath center, and might be a better option if heavier individuals. If the Lillypad sagged a bit for you at 230 lbs (I wouldn’t have expected it at that weight), I’d maybe take a real close look at this option. I’ll be very curious if anyone in here has first hand experience with this one as I have a decent familiarity with the Lillypad.

That said, I have seen in person the Lillipad diving board and really considered getting one when we bought our boat. I even reconsidered still adding it our first couple summers on the lake. Due to us being on a shallow lake with seasonal fluctuations, I opted not to add on the risk with it. Other than our lake, I do really like the Lillypad option a lot, and I know you can take it off and put it on easy. This would certainly meet our needs, but I am the heaviest in our family @ 185lbs, so much more flexibility for us in regards to concerns with spring/shocks.