Dometic (Seastar) mechanical steering assist could be a game changer but…


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This year I added power steering to both my pontoon boats. The boat up north got the new mechanical power steering assist. The mechanical power assist was a fraction of the price of the hydraulic assist without spilling any oil. This could be a game changer in the industry. However in my application there was clearance issues with the common Bennington two tube transom. The steer unit hit the transom when the motor was trimmed up. This interference issue exists only when the motor is mounted in the lowest two (of four) mounting holes. The good news is any heavy motor and boat that needs assist will probably not be mounted low on the transom. I ran into trouble when I mounted a light weight Sweetwater pontoon on Bennington tubes. With this combo I needed to mount the 115 hp motor lower on the Bennington transom to prevent aeration. This lower mounting created interference with the new steer unit. In the end I got the job done but the extra work was rigorous and unnecessary for most applications. If you do chose this innovative product proceed with caution.



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