Early Spring ?

Jack M

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Indian River ,Michigan
Sherriff and DNR put out a Thin Ice warning last Monday .
This one is on Mullett Lake about 2 miles north from me .


For sale! Cheap! Recently rinsed inside and out! Used to drive on my in laws lake back in the early 80's. The things we used to do without really thinking about the consequences....
As soon as you leave dirt , you have no insurance. That was a very expensive fishing trip . Truck repaired or replaced ,recovery fee and the 10-12 K fine from the DNR .
Some people learn the hard way. So long as no one was injured, the monetary expenses rolling down on them now have been well earned. I just don’t get some peoples decision making processes.
Thats the 3rd one the past 2 weeks or so , that I am aware of .
Busy day for the recovery company yesterday. FB_IMG_1678643658160.jpg
A couple weeks ago our lake ice was unpredictably compromised - and well publicized. Lots of atv/snowmobile tow outs...AND still people out on it like is a normal winter for ice water. Crazy, crazy!
The definition of "Treading on thin ice", sometimes you can get by, other times not so much!
Everyone had been warned to stay off the ice and there was also an early shanty removal notice too. Why any one would drive out with what looks like a new truck , I don't understand.
I have a friend that told me when we were in college "remember, most people are stupid". I believe him! I don't think that the world is completely stupid but we all have our moments, I am sure this guy realized that pretty quickly! A very costly "stupid" moment, bet he won't do that again!
Once the 1st one went through a couple weeks earlier ,you would think they would have thought it out better before going out . The recovery company doesn't mind .
We get that a lot where I'm from. People try driving on the ice too early in the year, people don't know the lake and if and where springs are, too many people park in one area and go through or they go on the ice late in the year. This definetly isn't a cheap endeavor. At least the guy had his windows down! :p
Part of the issue is the terrible state of our news. I no longer look at any local news - it's all fluff and fold with zero integrity. So I am often completely unaware of local happenings until someone tells me about it. I could easily understand this guy not getting the message! Though - I do check for data before doing high risk pursuits.
Word had been out ,since the 1st went through, watering holes ,bait shops . I get daily DNR emails.